More Human Than Human

A look into how developers are attempting to traverse the uncanny Valley.

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MariaHelFutura2616d ago

"A look into how humanss are attempting to traverse the uncanny Valley"

Transhumanism is future. Nothing can stop it.

Hicken2616d ago

Great read. I wanted to make a joke about how being more human than human would be "Too Human," and thus become a bad thing, but...

Well, I made it anyway.

Quagmire2616d ago

I believe us as a species have become less than human. More cyber, more monstrous, more ignorant, less compassionate.

Hicken2616d ago

Not yet. Right now, we're simply obsessed with technology, and it's affecting our ability to socialize effectively in a non-digital setting.

We're also becoming somewhat desensitized to the plight of others, largely because we're so frequently exposed to it. Things that we'd have seen every now and then twenty years ago- and been shocked by- are now commonplace, so it doesn't carry the same emotional weight.

I'd say we're a good 30-50 years away from a society remotely resembling that of Deus Ex, to say nothing of Ghost in the Shell or Blade Runner. Until then, we're in this awkward stage of growth where technology is actually stifling societal growth.

For now, though, we're still human. Stupid and stubborn as we've always been, but still human. We're just more exposed to that stupidity and stubbornness.

Quagmire2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I still dont like where humanity is at or where its going. This dependance on technology is invading our natural and instinctual behaviours.

If I could, I would go back in time and live during the Crusades or Ottoman eras (basically any place Assassin's Creed is set :P), because of the simplicity of life, despite being alot harder to survive, be wealthy and have equal rights.

A time where you live for yourself and your family, and arent dependant on trivial material things we have now.

MariaHelFutura2616d ago

I always find it interesting when people use the most basic form of the hivemind/internet to insult our technological progression. If people can't see how technology has helped us their blinded by ignorance. People live longer, more effiect lives because of it. People used to only live until 30-40 a few hundred years ago. Don't fear it, your very much apart of it as this convo is. You can't stop it, this is the next step of evolution and we are at the equivalant of a single cell stage. This will most likely result in a massive war between transhumanists and naturalists and I'm not afraid at all.