'Xbox 720 will do phenomenal things... I'd be shocked if it isn't out first'

According to Saber Interactive CEO, Matthew Karch, who's currently heading up the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary single-player campaign, "phenomenal things."

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Hufandpuf2622d ago

if it comes out next year, im not buying. a new $400 console with only updated graphics won't cut it anymore.

dirthurts2622d ago

More ram and cpu power alone will open up new possibilities.
Better graphics alone IS enough for me to upgrade. Consoles are looking rough these days...

JsonHenry2621d ago

^^ Yep, better graphics is about all it would take for me to buy the new system as well.

And you are totally right. 720p ~30fps and extremely low resolution textures and AA settings are getting harder and harder for me to swallow.

Anon19742621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Not enough for me. The reason we don't see more games pushing hardware limits isn't because of the hardware, it's because of the resources available to developers. Why isn't every game a Gears of War 3, or an Uncharted 3? It's because not all developers have the same skills, or the same resources.

I'll be more prepared for next gen when more developers prove they can handle this gen's hardware. More power does not automatically equal better graphics or better games overall.

And with more powerful hardware, the resources required to push that hardware is just going to increase as well. Developers struggle with resources to create AAA games as it is. The bottleneck isn't hardware, in my opinion.

And from the view of the console maker, in the current economic climate who's going to go out and spend billions on developing powerhouse hardware for the next gen when the last gen hasn't even broken even? If we do get new consoles, I suspect we're not going to see as big a hardware leap as we've seen in the past. Hell, the Wii was under-powered when it came out and look how well it did. You really think Microsoft hasn't noticed that?

Shane Kim, back when he was in charge, had already said the next console gen would probably look very different, and a new xbox might be a cheaper, digital distribution hub. And more recently we've heard rumors of a MS gaming cloud? Those clamoring for the next console gen, be careful what you wish for.

steve30x2621d ago

@ dirthurts : It will need an updated graphics chip too with more vram. If they didnt upgrade the graphics chip the graphics chip would bottleneck the CPU and ram.

It would be nice if they did upgrade to an SSD with SATA 3.0 the next time which would increase loading from internal storage a whole lot.

The only gripe I have with current consoles is the loading times.

Simon_Brezhnev2622d ago

Just be prepared for an ass of applications for next gen. I wouldnt be surprised if Direct TV make a deal with Sony. Since i think Microsoft got a deal with comcast.

SixShotCop2622d ago

$400? I wish! I see next gen consoles in the range of $800 to $1000 tbh. I hope not but ya know...

dirthurts2622d ago

The only reason the PS3 was so expensive was blu-ray, and now a bluray drive is like 40 bucks...
I wouldn't bet on any higher than 399-499 for the next gen(double skews I'm sure). Any higher than that and you would be better off buying a pc. Price point is everything.

damnyouretall2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

you know they always lose big on hardware. they try and sell a shit load of software to eventually break even, might take a few years. anything over 400-500 is suicide dude

boommuffin2622d ago

@dirthurts it was more than just the BRD, the 60gb launched with alot of features the PS3 doesnt have anymore to cut the cost

dirthurts2622d ago

While this is true, cutting usb ports and other chips like the ps2 emulators were negligible in comparison to the massive cost of that bluray drive.

Pozzle2621d ago

"$400? I wish! I see next gen consoles in the range of $800 to $1000 tbh. I hope not but ya know... "

That's how much 360s and PS3s cost in Australia when they were first released. I shudder to think how high the mark-up will be when the next-gen consoles are released. D:

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jack_burt0n2622d ago

Yeah but you nailed what the internal hardware will look like.

It will literally be two taped together and kinect bundled.

ONLY way to make another console generation financially viable in this climate, and my guess is whichever company does the stepping stone "add on" that has failed so miserably in generations past will have a BIG win this time round. Because so much can be done with just adding ram.

zeddy2621d ago

how great would it be if they would allow us to update the hardware-cpu and graphics for example. you would have to buy it from microsoft of course, and as long as its as simple as sliding in a hdd(like the ps3) i cant see what the problem would be.

MazzingerZ2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

"great"...proprieta ry HW...really? :S

MazzingerZ2621d ago

well, first year most of the games are rather ports, after the 1st year the 2st generation of games start showin the Oblivion and GRAW did on the X360 and Uncharted, HS on the PS3

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MostJadedGamer2622d ago

By first he means before the PS4. You will notice he only mentioned the PS4, and 720 in the article. Neither MS or Sony even consider Nintendo a competetior anymore.

gamingdroid2622d ago

... Sony/MS most definitely do consider Nintendo a serious competitor. They would be fools not too.

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fluffydelusions2622d ago

I don't think Sony would let MS get a year head start again.

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