Daytona USA PSN/XBLA debut trailer

SEGA released the first trailer for Daytona USA.

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Errod882620d ago

gameeeeeeeeee overrrrrrrrr I love that song

DlocDaBudSmoka2620d ago

now we just need cruisin usa and world.

IQUITN4G2620d ago

Um i'm not sure i would agree.Fun in their own way but generally not hailed as great games

DlocDaBudSmoka2620d ago

true. but i wsnt relly a fan of daytona per se, as i lost too many quarters on that damn machine. lol.

Drewminati2620d ago

OMG finally sega finally, This is how you will remain on top of the world.. Bring out more of your arcade hit!

I cannot wait

game over yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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