Nintendo 3DS 2012 Software Line-Up Detailed

Nintendo recently held a showcase in Japan in which it revealed a number of new titles for the Nintendo 3DS system, as well as an official add-on and a small selection of free software. Electronic Theatre has already brought you the details on the new Metallic Red Nintendo 3DS, the stereoscopic 3D video capture functionality and the winter line-up for the console, and today we bring you details on that which is set to arrive a bit further down the line.

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Khordchange2618d ago

For the lazy bastards

So far the list includes:

Kid Icurus
Mario Tennis
Animal Crossing
Luigi's mansion 2
Paper Mario
Resident Evil Revelations
Metal Gear Solid

ozstar2618d ago

My internet has been full retard as of late, and has trouble loading some sites, so thanks. :-)

Any actual dates?