Changing the Game: Do we need a new console cycle?

A look at whether or not we need a new console generation at the present time or if there is still life left over in the current generation of consoles as the gaps between PC and console gets more and more obvious.

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Hufandpuf2618d ago

Mirrors edge is still one of the best Looking games I've ever played.

Hufandpuf2618d ago

how can you disagree? look at that screenshot! That's in-game!

L6RD7BLU32617d ago

yeah AT LEAST not until 2013 for a new console cycle

Soldierone2618d ago

I don't think the gap is as big as everyone is making it out to be. Is PC looking better? Yeah of course it is, but it doesn't look "next generation" it looks like half of a step to next generation. This push for a new generation is forcing it to come, and it wont come properly because of that.

The limitations are only shown through third party games, and its mostly (if not all) due to BF3. What about the 64 player count on Resistance? The 256 count on MAG? Do these games look as stunning? No but is it a consequence devs should take? Now jump to Killzone, looks absolutely fantastic and has 32 players online. Uncharted looks godly too. Resistance was noted to going back to a small player count because of the "immersion" that offers, and COD proves their point.

My point is why are exclusive titles pushing the boundaries while third parties are "staying in the safe zone" ? They (the third parties) are doing amazing things, but is it anything console players can't live without? Not yet. When we hit that point and that level of immersion then its time for a jump to new console. When DICE says "we are not putting it on consoles because you wont GET A GOOD EXPERIENCE" is when we know to leave. Which may very well be the next Battlefield.

However people are saying PC is "so far ahead" right now. So you want to force devs, Sony, MS, and yourself into a new generation just to get a higher player count and somewhat better graphics? You want to shell out another 400 dollars and go through all that new generation stuff again because of this? Or do you want them to take a massive step forward with consoles?

Personally I want that massive step, and until we get there I don't think we need a new generation. I want them to keep adding and tweaking the current systems, and get what they can from them. Console gamers are console gamers for a reason. If PC gamers had their way, we'd have a new console every year. Most importantly I want fun games, and right now with "consoles maxed out" developers are starting to turn to fun instead of "how can we push the graphics higher?" and its awesome.

Next generation will come when its ready, it might be as soon as next year. However we don't need to push it. The developers, Sony, and Microsoft are no where near stupid. They know when to jump, and will jump when its time. If we just jump when a developer says "we maxed it out" then we wouldn't get our moneys worth out of a console. Remember PS3 was "maxed out" with Uncharted? Now look at Uncharted 3...Everything ND did to maximize the usage of PS3 to push it that far will go into the blueprints for PS4. Now ND won't have to "trick" the PS4 to make it better, it will just use their method instead.

BabyTownFrolics2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

do we need? what kind of question is that? the question is would we buy a new console? 5+ years out since the last gen of consoles I bet people would buy a new console. is the market ready for a new console? the answer is yes. can sony and MS squeeze out a couple of more years out of the 360 and PS3? the answer is yes. so deductive f_cking reasoning states that we will get new consoles when the console manufacturers want to sell them to us.

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