Two New Ni No Kuni PS3 Commercials Released. As usual they look lovely.

Level 5 released today two new TV commercials for the PS3 version of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

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disturbing_flame2618d ago

It looks incredible.

I really hope this game will be supported by a huge amount of players. If only it could give ideas to Sony to release more oldschool JRPG, full of colors and 2D flavored (even if the game is in 3D). It would be so wonderfull.

Realistic games are cool, but it's been 4 years now that people are playing them on heavy rotation. When i watch NINOKUNI i see what PS3 is capable of. It's not just about grey and dark universes.

We definitly need more games like this.

Abriael2618d ago

You, sir, win the internets. Seriously. Bubbles for you.

disturbing_flame2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I really mean it and when i read you, i know we feel the same about this. We need more colors damn it ! lol

I know it's not the subject here, but this is the reason why i also love Uncharted series. it's a TPS ok, but a TPS that is really full of vibrant colors. I feel good when i play it. Love its universe.

I really hope Sony will make in the future more exclusives like NINOKUNI, and especially more JRPG with this oldschool flavor.
I want to rediscover those game through PS3, with new episodes, new stories, new mecanics. I'm not aginst HD collection, or HD remakes, but PS3 is an HD console, why would you make old games portage in HD when you know that people want to play new episodes of those series, just make them!!!

It could have been so much win.. damn it.

Anyway can't wait to play NINOKUNI. Looks gorgeous, i hope the gameplay will be cool. Just when i watched the world map it reminds me so much good times !

Godmars2902618d ago

The sad truth is that its taken five years for the industry to arrive at a level they could make JRPGs with such potential. With much time wasted both getting out of old habits and figuring out what to do with HD consoles.

WKC for instance should have been a far better game than it is with an as involving SP game as it has online multi.

Relientk772618d ago

Now THAT looks amazing! Cant wait for 2012 its time for RPGs. Im getting Ni no Kuni and Tales of Graces F

tiffac0082618d ago

You and me both brother~

Abriael2618d ago

And me three. Now, if only Namdai released Xillia before the end of 2012, THEN i'd be really happy.

Relientk772618d ago

I REALLY hope Tales of Xillia comes to the U.S. that would be another game I get then.

MariaHelFutura2618d ago

If you have an 360, Tales of Vesperia is great.

tiffac0082617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Yeah I have a 360 and was happy to have played Vesperia but still it would have been better if we also get the PS3 version which has the missing character Patty the Pirate.

I don't know what's keeping Bamco from doing this though.

and yes I do hope we get Xillia around next year too that would be awesome.

Bamco! I said this before and let me say it again. Localize these games (Xillia, Vesperia (PS3 ver), Innocence R (PSV ver)) and take my cold hard earned cash!

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TheColbertinator2618d ago

Tales of Graces F and Ni No Kuni,finally games that are meant for intelligent creative gamers such as myself :P

Blackcanary2618d ago

Studio Ghibli is the best can't wait for this.

They Need to make a dark cloud 3 looking like that bring it on Level 5 and Sony.

Relientk772618d ago

I would love to see Dark Cloud 3, and wouldnt mind Rogue Galaxy 2 either

HaHa_Ostrich2618d ago

Joe Hisaishi. That is why im buying the game.

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