Why the Xbox 360 Won't Rule Your Living Room

PX360: "Both Microsoft and Sony have been positioning their consoles as media centers that will serve as the ultimate hub for all of your entertainment needs. While the PlayStation 3 does have a built-in Blu-ray player, its poorly designed online store and lackluster online offerings hardly make it the all-in-one entertainment device that everyone hoped it would be. On the other hand, Microsoft and the Xbox 360 provide a much more feature rich experience, giving users an easy to navigate and intuitive online store, where renting movies and streaming content is super simple. However, Microsoft isn't much closer to ruling your living room than Sony, even with the new dashboard update that is set to launch next month."

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Stuart57562622d ago

My PS3 rules my living room, with iPad on hand.

Hufandpuf2622d ago

I rule my living room. I don't want my console or tv telling me what to do.

buddymagoo2622d ago

Sony own a lot of the content that MS needs, be it Music, Film or TV content. It will be hard for MS to compete with Sony in the living room considering Sonys living room heritage.

Hellsvacancy2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

^^^^Sony wanna own your lives man, i gotta email from them today, simple questionnaire, but after askin me how many hours i game a week and what i do with my PS3 (other than gamin) the mofos wanted to know how much money i earn, how many people live in my house, how many kids i got, do i drive, how often do i buy a car, i was like "wtf, your takin the piss Sony"

I stopped fillin it in and deleted the email, i may be a loyal supporter and all but i aint gonna drop my pants down and bend over for them because of it

gamingdroid2621d ago

Crackle is a service owned by none other than Sony, but it is coming to Xbox 360 this fall.

Believe it or not, Sony also wants to sell their movies/shows so if MS is big enough, Sony will have no choice.

Yet, it surprises me that Crackle is among the first services to hit LiveTV....

Highlife2621d ago


Well said, well said

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32621d ago

Buddymagoo, I'm pretty sure I've seen some Sony movies on Netflix and I stream a lot of 80's music through Lastfm, in which case, Sony was pretty strong in both movies and music during that time period. I'm enjoying all of that stuff on my Xbox 360, so I don't really understand your comment unless Sony plans on blocking that stuff, but I doubt it, especially the movies.

EVILDEAD3602621d ago

Fan blogger on planetxbox pretending no one is going to use any of the services because they cost money?

Consoles already own living rooms. I'm on Live daily..besides games, I watch the highlights and shows on Espn, am always watching movies and shows on Netflix, use Zune Pass and Last FM, and rent movies new flicks on Zune all the time. Just because the fan blogger doesnt like Kinect or Bing etc. doesnt even come close to representing what gamers and consumers will do. Youtube alone is going to get alot of love. I'm looking forward to HBO Go to watch shows that don't make Netflix and Zune like Curb your enthusiasm.

I use my PS3 for the Blu Ray (REDBOX FTW) and I love streaming music through an external on the the PS3 media player for the visuals (earth FTW).

PlanetXbox is on drugs if they believe people are going to wait 2 years for 720 and PS4 to enjoy al of the console media streaming opportunities.


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egidem2621d ago

I'd expect the title to read "Why the Xbox 360 Will Rule Your Living Room" seeming as it's coming from

Godmars2902622d ago

Sony's mistake was both overestimating and under-prioritizing the browser. They were probably looking to cheaply exploit network websites that offer their shows as well as Hulu and Youtube, but things changed. They need to offer GoogleTV or just a Chrome based browser, but they'll likely have to offer an add-on media box like they do in Japan and the EU.

gamingdroid2621d ago

Well, it actually then sounds more like to me that Sony under-estimated the browser and therefore under-prioritized it...

If you create a product constantly crashing, how can you expect it to perform well?

The fact is that the browser using a controller is still a poor interface. The best one, I have seen is on the Wii of all things due to the Wii mote. PS Move would have done wonders, but who is going to buy PS Move to use just the browse?

zeal0us2622d ago

I don't even use my living room.

SITH2621d ago

My console rules my computer room in my house. The living room has a xbox in it too, but like you I never use that room.

UltimaEnder2621d ago

It's a tough thing to rule, for any box...I have 5+ and need them all to have the entertainment experience I want....

LaurenKB1232621d ago

Mine is in the bedroom...

Combo2621d ago

Mine is in the bathroom

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