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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Video Released (HD 720p)

@Ve3tro: "EA has revealed the first multiplayer trailer for Mass Effect 3 with discussion from Casey Hudson." (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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xtheownerzx  +   1069d ago
I wish they showed more gameplay wise, instead of saying this is awesome play it lol.
JaredH  +   1069d ago
Ya now that people know Bioware actually have a multiplayer team that wasn't taken from single player development they can't complain saying they'd be able to make the SP longer if they didn't make multiplayer. I remember the multiplayer job ads months ago that confirm this. I'm guessing people will complain anyway though.
MasterCornholio  +   1069d ago
I hope they do a better job with the game on the PS3 this time around. I honestly don't believe that this game needs multiplayer.

lh_swe  +   1069d ago
Say what? Mass Effect 2 ran on an updated engine.
Vortex3D  +   1069d ago
ME2 on PS3 ran on ME3 engine has more graphical glitches.

But it could have been a good thing since ME2 on PS3 used ME3 beta engine to clear out more bugs before ME3 game comes out next year.
Hufandpuf  +   1069d ago
This episode looked as cheesy a command and conquer's battle report shows.
Godmars290  +   1069d ago
Buying it used. F-U Bioware.

Player choice my @$$...

Give me a frackin' explorable universe. Ship-to-ship combat.
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JAMurida  +   1069d ago
The co-op is an ***add-on*** bonus to take the experience further for people who are interested, while the single player experience will be just as good. I shouldn't even have to explain, since the video (which you must of not watched) said it clearly. You don't have to play the co-op if you don't want to. As said, "Player choice".

You should be glad their not making some bs Dead Space 2 multiplayer nonsense with ME3.
WhiteLightning  +   1069d ago
"You don't have to play the co-op if you don't want to. As said, "Player choice"."

But if you don't like the co-op then your basicaly paying for half a game.

Least with ME and ME 2 you were paying for a full single player experinece and let's be honest if they didn't shove co-op in there they would of stretched out the sinlge player more since they would have more space on the disc to do so.
Godmars290  +   1069d ago
The thing is dev time and effort is going into this "add-on." Effort that's not being put into what was originally a single player title. A single player title which at one time had explorable worlds.

And yes, I watched the video. And to me if "player choice" is the choice not to play content, then all that is to me is the option to be shortchanged on the full product they're expecting me to buy. So I'm expressing my choice to either buy it used, or not buying it at all. Like I did for Dead Space 1 & 2.

UC2 also built on PS. Had you dealing with falling buildings and more involving melee combat. Traps and puzzles.

The fact is people who are bitching about co-op wouldn't be if Bioware would talk about what they're doing differently with SP. Hadn't already scaled it back from ME1.
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vickers500  +   1069d ago
"But if you don't like the co-op then your basicaly paying for half a game."

Uncharted 2 had co-op and multiplayer, I didn't pay for "half a game". Rage has co-op, I certainly didn't pay for "half a game" on that one either. Mass Effect 3 will probably end up being just as long as the first two, except it will have a nice extra bonus that has been worked on by a different team, thus there should be no worries of a compromised sp mode.

Some people just whine too much. How about reserving judgment on the whole co-op thing until you have actually tried it? Oh wait, never mind, I just remembered what website I'm on. Go on ahead children, cancel your pre-orders.
krazykombatant  +   1069d ago
@vickers, the CO-OP affects the end of result of the game dumbass. So if you want to get the best ending you basically have to do it. Everyone is in their bloody right to complain they brought commander shepard from the dead to kill very slowly...
JAMurida  +   1069d ago

Once again man, if you watch the video, doing the co-op pretty much just gives you an alternate path to reach to same ending. Playing the single player alone will still give you that experience. Not to mention, the team that is doing the MP is different from the SP team.
WhiteLightning  +   1069d ago
@vickers500 I was waiting for someone to bring this up

Uncharted 2 dosen't count, it's massive because ND made full use of the PS3 blu ray storage space. With MP games developers have to be careful at what they include in the game. Wow your bringing up RAGE, the co-op is such a small feature in the game.

and like krazykombatant has already said you have to do it to get the best ending.

Ignore vickers500, he's very childish

If you don't agree with his opinion he thinks yours is invalid and wrong.....then get's his panties in a twist like he's already doing
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vickers500  +   1068d ago
"Ignore vickers500, he's very childish"

Yeah, "I'm" the childish one.

Let me remind you of the second PM you sent me where you go off on a fit:

"Mate....shut the fuck up
Don't be such a prick and troll. Bitch and whine.....oh what for having an opinion that dosen't agree with your LOL....typical troll"

Then the last one you sent to me before you blocked me.

"Grow the fuck up you prick"

Yeah sure, "I'm" the childish one here, not the one that started cursing me out like a teenager that just learned how to swear, but me. Lol, you're funny. Hell, I even see you bringing me up in other articles. Calm down man, there's no need to get worked up and angry as you do. Video games are awesome, but they're not worth getting this mad over. Lighten up.


Watch the video again kid, and learn some manners while you're at it.

*sigh* This generation of gamers are so whiny and believe they are entitled to everything. Spoiled kids. Oh well, children will be children.
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RememberThe357  +   1068d ago
Oh, boo-hoo. How about to wait to play the game before you start crying about it. You don't even know what the game is going to be like. This is one of those empty arguments that you conveniently forget you made once a game comes out and is awesome. Let's see what BioWare does with this before you go around crying about it all over N4G.
maniacmayhem  +   1067d ago
I love it...

"FF XIII, Waaah Square cut content! Waaah!"
"Mass Effect 3, Waaaaah, Bioware added content! Waaah!"

I'm saying this because there are two specific commenters in this thread who has cried hard about that.
You so called gamers are really a whiny bunch that have no idea what they want from any game.

On Topic:
This game looks great and after watching the video it has sold me even more on getting the game.
sonicsidewinder  +   1069d ago
Look it's the "that's when you press a button, something awesome has to happen!!!" guy.

"If you havn't played Mass Effect before, ME3 is a great play to start" - That's just bare-faced lying man. How the fuck could it be a great place to start?

As Hufandpuf said, felt WAY too much like that C&C Battlecast cheese-fest.

EA written all over it.
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greyhaven33  +   1069d ago
That bothers me as well, how can the 3rd game in a trilogy be a great place to start, amazed he can keep a straight face saying that
SageHonor  +   1069d ago
its marketing thats how those men are LOL. But there are 2 reasons why bioware is doing this...

1) Expand their audience

2) Prevent spoiling the singleplayer

But i dont like this guy either .. I prefer Jesse Houston since he is the most direct.
TheOtherTheoG  +   1069d ago
It's David Silverman, he's fairly well known for being awful at advertising stuff. Take anything he says with, well, an awful lot of salt.
sonicsidewinder  +   1069d ago

I'll take it with a sack of rock-salt just to be sure.
Chnswdchldrn  +   1069d ago
I don't particularly like the idea of tacked on multiplayer component to a traditionally single player only RPG. If they are able to do so, how shallow are the gameplay elements of the game that 4 people can hop in and play a game at once? It has to be seriously dumbed down for stuff like that to happen, and I'm guessing thats exactly what they did to this game
WhiteLightning  +   1069d ago
What a waste of resources and money. Second studio or not I would liked to see EA watse the money they spent getting the second studio to make the co-op on Bioware themselfs so they can add more stuff to the single player....because let's face it they'll just give it to us as DLC now.

I knew this looked like a bad idea...how the mighty fall.

But honestly who is really to blame EA for telling them to do it or Bioware for not standing up for themselfs.

This could of easily been DLC.
JaredH  +   1069d ago
And you played Mass Effect 3 to know it's not the full game you want? Mass Effect 2 was 30 hours if you did everything and I'm guessing they expanded their single player team game since then. Mass Effect was only 20 hours at most so if ME3 follows this path it'll be longer than 30 hours.

You don't know that they were told to do co-op by EA since Bioware has been trying new things with RPGs like Dragon Age. Yes some failed like Dragon Age 2 to most fans but Bioware is actually trying new things by integrating multiplayer to SP. It's not some tacked on mode like the single player content they would of added if they didn't do it(planet scanning says it all).
MrSpace  +   1069d ago
Urgh, ME3 in general looks way too action packed. Look when Commander Shepard jumps over cover, fires the rockets which targets the enemies, rolls then pulls out a machine gun then rolls again and fires.

Will anyone even use their teammates in this game, the whole point of them in the first game was when your weapon was cooling down....what's the point when now EVERYONE can use the same weapons and thermal clips can be found EVERYWHERE making it a run and gun game unlike the first one where you had to wait and plan out your battles.

They should of given us a choice which weapon type to use. The game is about choices afterall

But really...."ME3 is a great place to start" LOL

That's like saying watching the last Lord of the Rings film is a great place to start.
krazykombatant  +   1069d ago
WOOOOOOW..... This is such horseshit...

ROLF at Casey Hudson "ME3 is a great place to start"... The fuck!?!?

Oh and for all of those that say that the multiplayer is just an "ADD-ON" you don't have to do it.

He just fucking said it, if you want a BETTER END RESULT you HAVE TO COMPLETE THE MULTIPLAYER!! Thats horseshit imo, I've played the game by myself in the comfort of my couch, till the wee hours of the night.

Now I have to have friends over to play with people.... BioWare, the only reason i'm going to buy this game but I swear from now until further notice I am going to boycott your games.

EA has been a poison to BioWare ever since they took over. DA:O was the only good game, but if I'm correct that is because BioWare had it already in development, before EA got their dirty hands on them and made them let loose that abortion of a game called DAII.

I'm not impressed with this AT ALL... DAMN YOU, COD/BF3/ stupid ass people who cannot handle a game having a great story line. Oh GOD the horror that would be, I know I'll get disagrees and hell I might even loose a bubble, but I hope your all fucking happy.


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shooter1  +   1069d ago
@ krazykombatant- I don't think you were fully listening to the video because he was also saying you can still get the better end result in singleplayer yourself, multiplayer was just a alternative so you can play with others if you want and still have a impact.
SageHonor  +   1069d ago
Why the heck does Hudson keep saying this is a great place to start? It doesnt make sense.... such bullshit...
00  +   1069d ago
Bioware love their god awful buzzwords.
SixShotCop  +   1069d ago
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1069d ago
While Mass Effect is undoubtedly about its single player, the co-op looks interesting. I've always wanted to play as other races in the Mass Effect universe and playing with my friends in our favourite series should be awesome.

However I have some reservations as well. Like nearly everybody else I'm worried that co-op could lower the quality of the single player, I'm also not keen on co-op affecting your single player campaign; I would prefer them to be separate so they are not dependant on one-another.
frostypants  +   1069d ago
Was anyone even asking for co-op in ME? Doesn't seem like a series that really needs it.
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jack_burt0n  +   1069d ago
I buy mass effect for the alien "relations" as long as thats still there I am cool with whatever run gun bs.
Shadowaste  +   1069d ago
PC version for sure, best option for the first 2 by far, assuming this will be no different.

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