Unreal Tournament III: Eurogamer Review

Eurogamer writes:

"It makes me cackle like a cardboard villain to see my team roll out on tentacle legs. It's as if Epic suddenly realised this was a videogame. Not only can they have insane vehicles, they should have them. They must have them. They're ludicrous and look incredible: you will probably already have seen the walker, which dominates the maps complete with its War Of The Worlds space-cred. This is exactly the kind of spirit of game design we should be encouraging: the more outlandish the better."

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mesh14042d ago

this game deserves nothing higher than this so maybe epic will start making better games as ut3 was a dissapointment for me gears of wars has the lamest story ive seen simalr to uncharted sotry which is a popcorn story .ut3 is a failure ut2004 is still 1 of th ebest games ever mad in terms of fun and gmaplay ut3 was a halo type game with massvivve multiplayer wolrds now its likePREY ON THE PC BUT PREY IS BETTER

watchyourmind4042d ago

I'm a very experienced UT player. I've played all of the various iterations of this game.

UT3 is a fantastic game that is DIFFERENT to UT2k4. The game has incorporated the UT99(game of the year)style of gameplay in the main but with borrowed elements from the 2k series such as wall dodge etc.

UT2k4 is considered by the elite players to be inferior to UT99 because of the shield gun in the main and floaty feel. It meant that the two weapons of choice were the Lightning Gun and Shock Rifle. Mix that in with the shield gun and people were just playing chicken all game.

UT99 on the other hand was a better game because it was more in your face. It required a different kind of skill to get good at and typically these players were great at moving combos etc.

UT2k4 was by far the LESS popular game on the servers. UT99 won game of the year and even to this day has a more active community of players gaming on the servers.

Making UT3 to be like UT2k4 would have been a mistake and I'm glad that they have gone back to a UT99 style of gameplay. It's MUCH faster and more enjoyable IMO.

This is a contentious issue amongst UT gamers because many people got used to the 2k series and ejoy it while others from the UT99 era didn't even bother with the 2k series because the game mechanics were so different.

When it's all said and done, UT3 eclipses all other games in the FPS genre when it comes to the speed of action taking place and twitch reflexes. BUT couple that with a ton of different modes like CTF,Vehicle CTF, DM, TDM, Warfare and then mods, and you have one HECK of a game with huge longevity.

The guy who did the Euro gamer review could barely tell the difference between UT2k4 and UT3 in terms of gameplay mechanics. I don't blame him but in actual fact there are HUGE differences in the way the game is played and any experienced UT gamer will be able to tell you.

All in all I would say UT3 is at least a 9.5 game

MK_Red4042d ago

Now 8/10 is usually a good score but both this and that other review (8/10) said pretty much great and 9+ things about it and still give it 8...
It's massive, meaty, has singleplayer and The Daddy of Multiplayer games and yet gets 8/10!? Something's wrong here. UT deserves more. The demo was classic UT fun with many new additions.

watchyourmind4042d ago

I think a part of the problem the bloke in the Euro gamer review had was that the said he was shot from behind or something and he didn't know how he died. He said that almost like it was a criticism but the reality of the situation is that, that is par for the course in a UT game.

The game is moving so fast that there are people running all over the place and a lot of the time you get shot from behind and die without ever seeing them. But having said that you are doing the same thing to others as well.

This guy may have been used to slower FPS games although he did mention he was a Quake fan so I'm not sure how much this applies to him but I can definitely understand how a person who is used to playing Halo or a FPS like that and come in to UT3 and have a tough time playing against more experienced UT gamers.

UT is a more fast paced game than Halo and requires a much higher level of skill to get good at. Those of you who consider yourselves to be hardcore gamers and think you are good at first person shooters, owe it to yourselves to challenge yourself with a game like UT. It isn't easy at first and takes a significant amount of time to get good at. You never really 'master' the game because there is just so much to learn.

A lot of it comes down to being in the right position at the right time and that takes practice. You also need really good reflexes compared to other FPS games. (That also is a skill that takes time to develop).

A lot of newbie players who think they are good at a game like UT or Quake come in and have a go and get pwnd left right and center, and then leave the game feeling dejected, and so they think it's crap. But if you persist, then you will reach a level where you are the one pwning most people on the servers.

You can't play this game for a month and then expect to beat good players, lol. (not unless you have a strong Quake type of background or have played UT for awhile).

These reviewers are probably newbies to UT and that's why they can't tell much of a difference between UT2k4 and UT3 game mechanics. I challenge anyone who disagrees with me to visit the official Epic forums and read around what experienced players say about the game. It will become painfully obvious that there are HUGE differences between UT2k4 and UT3 and a lot of heated arguments about what UT3 should have been like.

borntodie0074042d ago

8/10. i don't think thats a good score but good thing i don't go for reviews, its still a first day buy for me, to tell u the truth im only interest in the online and the sure it will get higher ratings than this jus cuz of mods. u just gotta give the modders time and trust me the money u use will not go to waste.