Bone-idle : Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review writes "Firmly back from the wilderness. Pro Evo is football for the purist."

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BoneIdle2617d ago

Great to have pro evo back to form. They took out all the frills and just concentrated on the game.

OcelotRigz2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Everyday im seeing positive reviews for this game, i just dont get it. No wonder they are still stuck in the last generation.
How do we expect them to really improve, i mean fix all these ridiculous problems that have plagued the series for too many years now, the mental goalies, wooden animations, non-360 dribbling, lack of "freedom", buggy online, inconsistent ball physics, NO PACE!!! etc.., when people are giving them positive reviews.

Im stuck with FIFA 12 now, which luckily for me, is actually very good this year. But still, i would prefer old school PES any day, but that doesnt look like happening anytime soon to be honest.

BoneIdle2617d ago

Im on both and loved Fifa too but the shine soon wears off and the problems start to come through. Pro Evo has been so bad trying to advance im just glad they got back to basics.

OcelotRigz2617d ago

I agree about FIFA and know that i will eventually get bored with it. Even now im starting to notice how bad the AI can be at times and other little nags that will become too frustrating over time.

As for PES, yeah im glad they have gone back to basics to an extent, but the problems are still there.

Just give me PES 5 or 6 in HD and im happy.