Mass Effect 3 multiplayer: the first screenshots

OXM UK: "BioWare and EA showcase Galaxy at War for the first time."


Source link now contains gameplay details and the first Mass Effect 3 multiplayer video.

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Christopher2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Looks like normal gameplay to me...

@dirigiblebill: Not saying they're not multiplayer shots, only that they don't look any different than single player. Meaning, screenshots really aren't going to show us anything relevant at this time with multiplayer. Going to need to see a split-screen of the multiplayer or something similar.

dirigiblebill2445d ago

Gamespress has them up as multiplayer announcement shots too.

Convas2445d ago

+1 for another Gamepress user!

dirigiblebill2445d ago


Ah, I get you :) Agreed.

Angrymorgan2445d ago

The only thing impressing me is cgoodno's bubble count! =)