Assassin's Creed is fastest-selling new IP since 2002

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed has shot to the top of the UK all-formats charts and become the second fastest-selling new IP on an individual format behind 2002's The Getaway.

The Xbox 360 version of the game claims 67 per cent of sales, with the PlayStation 3 version taking the remaining 33 per cent. It also becomes the third fastest-selling Xbox 360 game within a weekly sales period.

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mighty_douche4017d ago

we've had very few new IP's of any quality. its going like the movie business with money only be invested in games that guarantee a profit, sequals/re-makes. Halo 1,2,3 Halo Wars, Halo movie <-- shining example.

mesh14017d ago

the ps3 is a shamble console with remakes upon remaked ffv/getaway/rachet and clank/tekken6/timecrysis4/ and so many more that th ps3 os a joke might douche u spassstic tard f off u fail only halo series ur cocraoch brain can think off we all kn 360 only makes new i.p twat

leon764017d ago

To mesh1: I didn't understand anything that you wrote... what's that, alien...

mikeslemonade4017d ago

Stop typing jibberish you ignorant fanboy because PS3 has the most original IPs of the 3 consoles with:
Eye of Judgement
Heavenly Sword
Warhawk (remade from PS1 12 years ago so it's new to most people)

Assasin's Creed just happens to be multiplatform and a sandbox type game which most gamers like, so it's going to sell well and this is only in the UK. When the Getaway(refers to the article) comes out exclusively for PS3 it's going to sell even better.

mighty_douche4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

dude i just used halo as an example, nothing more. I WASNT BASHING YOUR F*CKING PRECIOUS CONSOLE!!!

fanboys man, i cant even mention halo without a torrent of crap being thrown at me...

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wil4hire4017d ago

I hope UT3 comes out soon, I want to get AC off of my hands... How many times can you play the same mission w/stupid AI.

Jade just spit in everyones face.

green4017d ago

the same will be said for mass effect and uncharted. they all had mixed reviews but i think that they will be smash hits based on the attention that the developers have put into originality,story and making them as cinematic as possible.

mesh14017d ago


ravinash4017d ago

Both are great games.
AC was a great idea, it was just executed badly (no pun intended)

mesh14017d ago

ravinash mass effect has had 23 reviews 3 of thos range from 8.0/8.3/8.5 the other 20 eivews are 9+ not to mention the 10/10 from major game site while uncharted has like 10 reviews giving it 8.0/10 and the most it got is 9.0/10 just dotn feed the troll above

mesh14017d ago

u trols disgree with me plz sow the ppl the link to gamer rankign or ,metercritic for both uncharted and masseffct and lets see if im lieing hHAHHAHAHAH DEAL WITH IT mass effect seems impossble to achive gues what it lived up tot he hype and is a great game beliv eu me pc gamers will take not and slowly but surely buy a 360 just for this game.

ravinash4017d ago

I talked about games on both systems?

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allforcalisto4017d ago

not surprised by the large 360 cut of the sales. Bigger install base tends to mean better software pick up. then again tbh ps3 users should be snapping this game up, i could list the number of great ps3 titles on one hand whearas the 360 has a larger number of games that'd please more people...for now

Laxe4017d ago

It's true. Tried finding a copy for the PS3 in 3 different outlets near me and all were sold out! Obviously I was pissed lol!

wil4hire4017d ago

I will fly to you.

Drop it off..

and fly back home

free of charge.

AC is terrible.

MK_Red4017d ago

Laxe, keep looking and buy it. AC definitly deserves it.

wil4hire, you don't like AC we get it but that doesn't mean it's terrible. It's not a game for you but maybe others might enjoy it as many N4G users already have.

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