Developer talks VOIP, bullet damage, squad control, and more.

Who better to speak to about the issues arising from the recent Battlefield 3 beta than the game's Lead Multiplayer Designer, Lars Gustavsson. After pumping dozens of hours into the beta we had plenty of questions for him during yesterday's Australian Battlefield 3 event. Where's the VOIP and joystick support? Will bullet damage be altered? Can we set up our own squads? Why are jet campers such douchebags? Lars answered all of these, and more.

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sprayNpray2617d ago

No in-game voip is one of the worst decisions DICE has made so far.

leogets2617d ago

not really beacuse they can use other programmes to chat on a pc this doesnt matter. as for consoles it would be huge.not for 360 but for ps3.

sprayNpray2616d ago

What if you just want to hop in a few games and play with random people? How are you going to talk to them (this is on PC)? How is there going to be any coordination?

Shackdaddy8362616d ago

It's not that bad. Nobody talks on BF games (on PC anyways) and those who do use vent or some other program.

If people need to talk to communicate info, they usually just type it. That's still available...