Become a criminal in Skyrim, Bethesda will love you for it

Product-Reviews writes: It’s quite interesting to see just how eager Bethesda are to see players participate within the boundaries of the dark side of the law. For example, we have players being rewarded with a trophy for escaping jail, and now this where you’ll actually lose the bounty on your head by taking out the witness that saw the crime.

We often see newpaper articles criticizing such behaviour in video games suggesting how it ‘sends a bad message’ or whatever, so are Bethesda perhaps running the risk of Skyrim coming in for a bit of negative press?

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tr00p3r2538d ago

I think Oblivion is the one game where you can actually take pleasure from killing a chicken.. maybe it's the sound effect it makes as you do so, I'm not quite sure..either way..

Bring on Skyrim!

NukaCola2537d ago

I enjoyed killing chickens in DeathSpank quite much thank you.

LastRequest2537d ago

There are no chickens in Oblivion.

Kakihara2537d ago

You clearly didn't see me during the final fight at the big scary Oblivion gate.

Balcrist2537d ago

old news, i've known about witness counting and elimination for at least a month.... show me something NEW!!

Xalaris2537d ago

"News is the communication of selected information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience."
- Wikipedia

This is information, thus news.

stu8882536d ago

the fact you think wikipedia is academically correct shows your comment was completely hypocritical.

bunfighterii2537d ago

Most games dont reward you for being bad because most if the quests have good aims. I hope there are bad ass missions.

TheMutator2537d ago

stop rigtht there criminal scum!!!

brodychet2537d ago

L0l! Too many times I've heard that. Too many.

GammaTru2537d ago

I always used to try and steal everything without getting caught in Oblivion. Skyrim will make this more fun!

snipes1012537d ago

Hopefully they have more things actually worth stealing in Skyrim. Oblivion was a total crapshoot for thieves because every house just had maybe some gems, maybe some money and then a whole lot of yarn or something dumb.

No Morrowind? THAT was some good loot.

theinkandpen2536d ago

Castles or Umbacano dude, seriously...

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The story is too old to be commented.