What To Do Before Batman Arkham City Comes Out

ObnoxiousGamer: With Batman: Arkham City a week away, here are a few things to do before the release of the game

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erivera19942620d ago

this is common sense... play through the Most Epic Super Hero game so far Again: Batman Arkham Asylum!

cyborg69712620d ago

I say sleep. Then the time will go by faster. Or you could do the exact polar opposite and smoke crack.

Either way WIN, WIN.

Sh00terMcGavin2620d ago

Ill be playing dark souls. 24 hrs in so far.

Ramas2620d ago

play dark souls and continue playing it even after batman comes out

Jeff2572619d ago

Well I have already done everything on that list except listen to the soundtrack. I do however now have the platinum trophy for Arkham Asylum. So instead of doing those things on the list I will continue to watch more episodes of Batman TAS.