Catwoman Gets Her Own Skins In Batman: Arkham City You wished for Catwoman skins? It looks like Rocksteady may have granted them.

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UltimateIdiot9112623d ago

What happen?
BB:AA didn't get this many DLC nor did it get any DLC that is milking the game like this.

Jeff2572623d ago

If you would click the link and read what is there it mentions Unlocking her Long Halloween costume. Not buying it like the other DLC packs that were announced. Also I would have loved to have seen more Challenge packs released for Batman: AA. There were barely a handful for it so I guess they are making up for that with Arkham City.

Whore_Mouth2623d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing a Michelle Pfeifer skin.

KidMakeshift2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

The amount of DLC and pre-order bonuses for this game is offensive

Here's hoping for a GOTY version down the road

I'd take Steve Rudes Catwoman over Tim Sales

FalconR2892622d ago

I like the catwoman from Batman the animated series. If you don't know I'm a huge fan of Batman the animated series use to watch it all the time on fox when I was a kid.

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