Waiting for Arkham City

Not long to wait for Arkham City now! Though for some, maybe the wait is too long.

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cyborg69712618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I'm still waiting to exhale, and Guffman.

And did I mention that I'm in the line waiting at the DMV.

Have fun quagmire Gigidy.

Quagmire2618d ago

I'm waiting for the GOTY edition

TheBossMan2618d ago

Amazon, dude.

1. $49.99 (after $10 credit).
2. No tax.
3. Release date delivery, for free (with prime or student account).

Quagmire2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I love how you think I live in America...

Either way doesnt matter. The amount of DLC and pre-order bullshit announced has me turned off, so I'm pretty much waiting until they bundle all that stuff into the disc.

Tsalagi2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I love how you don't have your location in your profile and assume everyone knows where you live.

The various amounts of DLC are bullshit though. I'm a big fan of the series and couldn't wait for a GOTY edition. I ordered from Gamestop because i had credit and a $25 off coupon. Note to publishers, stop with the multi-retail bonus DLC crap.

TheBossMan2618d ago

Well, you could do it that way (cheaper and less messy) but you'll always be behind the curve, which I guess wouldn't really matter to you unless you like to keep up to date with the MP aspect of games. But for a game like this, yeah, you're right, it doesn't really matter. I've bought GOTY editions before, too.

Sidenote: There's no way to tell (of which I'm aware) that you don't live in America based on your avatar (or even profile for that matter), so considering I don't personally know you I think it's outlandish of you to criticize me for assuming you lived in America. Additionally, I'm sure there are localized deals for you, regardless of your place of residence. Perhaps not identical deals in terms of cost, but similarly enticing nonetheless.

Godmars2902617d ago

You, know that's almost literally the guy's catch phrase, right?

"Hello, i'm a British person."

mrmancs2618d ago

i found this mildly amusing , cant say ive resorted to tasting my own semen.. yet...

Psychonaughty2618d ago

Get Dark Souls, the wait won't be nearly as bad.