Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge expected to be a sell-out title

After the official Rugby World Cup game being a massive disappointment on Xbox 360 and PS3 all hopes for a good rugby game for this generation of consoles have been pinned on Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge, and going by reviews so far it, at least critically, is fair a lot better.

It also appears that consumer reaction has been a lot more positive too with Alternative Software MD Roger Hulley confirming that the day-one allocation for retail stores has all been snapped up.

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S_C2615d ago

I Cant Wait To Get It After Work Tomoz Along With Forza 4 And The MS Speed Wheel.....Happy Days

mcstorm2615d ago

I might have to pick this up i got rwc2011 and really liked it but im only into national teams in rugby so not sure if ill play this but might pick it up to give it a go.

Adolph Fitler2615d ago

Get Swordfish studios back on to make a rugby union game & I'll it'll be on my radar.
Actually, seeing I'm more a rugby league fan. lets have Swordfish make a league game, as they've already gone down in history as makers of the best union game ever.

I would love these guys to do either in honesty, as there Jonah Lomu Rugby game on the PS1 was absolutely awesome......

They can also do a Cold Winter 2, as Cold Winter was one of the best console fps's last a Cold Winter sequel would kick ass for me.

Quagmire2615d ago

There's Rugby League in this game y'know.