Guardian Heroes review (Extra Guy)

Extra Guy writes: Would you ever be able to understand just how difficult is for me, Gabriel Jones, to write a review of Guardian Heroes? This is a game that is so wrapped up in nostalgia and history that I don’t think I’d ever be able to give it a review that even remotely approaches objectivity. All of the times I have purchased and re-purchased Guardian Heroes are chance encounters, like the kind you’d see in a poorly written romantic-comedy. Choosing to go to the mall instead of dealing with a mouse, a random trip to the local game store (likely prompted by some other bit of reality I was in the midst of escaping). Growing up I always thought games like Super Mario Bros. 3 or the original Sonic the Hedgehog were going to be what defines me, but it turns out that Guardian Heroes takes that title. It is by no means the perfect game, but I hold it above all others, and as you can tell I’ve already given this game an A+ rating just by virtue of what it represents to me.

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