Minecraft Dragons Are Invulnerable – Can Phase Through Blocks

Loud Mouthed Gamers: In a recent tweet Notch has said that the new dragons that he is implementing are currently invulnerable and can phase through blocks.

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SilentNegotiator2623d ago

I wouldn't try that if I were you. It sounds like your "private blocks" would be the first thing destroyed if you tried sitting on it! X^O

wallis2623d ago

Sounds more to me like he's making a joke about some sort of problem in the programming and once again the laughable standards of video-game journalism has taken over.

SilentNegotiator2623d ago

Well.... "Notch will have to wrap things up quickly as there is only one week until a feature freeze is activated due to the game’s impending release date"

It's something of note that there is a potential obstacle and they have a week to fix up from a seemingly quite unfinished state of the dragons.

wallis2623d ago

Feature freeze means from that point onwards they cease development of new features, as opposed to ceasing all production on the game entirely.

So they don't have a week, they have just under a month.

Pikajew2623d ago

Notch said he will still add stuff after its release date