Gears 3 Green Weapon Skins Available Jan. 3

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Chris Wynn, lead producer of Gears of War 3, has announced that the highly demanded green weapon skins will be available on January 3.

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typikal822619d ago

Who's demanding this crap??

outlawlife2619d ago

people who want to buy even more disc locked content

JaredH2619d ago

I guess there's enough people who bought the complete weapon skin pack for 3000 ms points when it should have been accessible to everyone for free.

SockeyBoy2619d ago

But the sad thing is; people are buying these skins!

Kahvipannu2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Really? Green skins, at marketplace? This is insult Epic, as a old PC developer, and supporter of mods, asking money for something as little and useless as this, is stupid. It should be patch stuff...

I can understand add-ons that cost money, where developers spend time and money, like in art, coding, modelling, voice-acting, writers, etc. But new textures for weapons? Insanelly stupid...

MasterD9192619d ago

These should have been unlockables in-game...I don't think it was Epic's decision...definitely smell Microsoft all over this one.

outlawlife2619d ago

epic has to agree to it, they built the store into the game...don't blame MS for everything

BraveToaster2619d ago

It takes 3 months to change the color of a texture?

outlawlife2619d ago

the skin is already on the disc you can get it from jack in the box restaurants, they are going to sell it to people after the jack in the box promo has ended

Kamikaze82619d ago

It was supposed to be Microsoft exclusive. Dont know how Jack in the Box ended up with codes.

outlawlife2619d ago

because jack in the box offered them money to do a promo

2619d ago