Microsoft screws up INQ's Xbox 360 repair

The Inquirer reports:

"Shortly after our Xbox 360 went to the mass-grave of RROD failures, when playing the mediocre Halo 3, we sent it off to Microsoft for our free repair. We packaged it nicely. Dusting off the original retail box from storage we carefully placed the 360 in, coupled with the PSU and a substantial amount of original packaging.

We also left the chrome 360 plate on the DVD drive - this was a Core unit which we had customised with a chrome DVD tray to make it appear to be a Premium SKU - Core units were the only consoles available in shops on day one. We finally received our repaired 360 unit back in the post today. But things were slightly amiss..."

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krackchap4040d ago

"when playing the mediocre Halo 3"

TheXgamerLive4040d ago

Your line there is proof. " The mediocre Halo 3". This isn't unbiased media reprting, this is pissed little sony fan.

Kleptic4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

the greatest argument a 360 fanboy has ever had...

that has yet to not be funny to me..."its not that the 360 fails so much, its just sony fanboys making it up"...abused wives say almost the exact same thing..."Bill doesn't beat me...I tripped and fell into his fists...its not his fault"...

w/e man...this guy had a crummy experience, like millions of others, with a broken can support your system all you want, but at least have the lack of ignorance to know that no one is making this electronic with a ~30% failure rate is absolutely legendary...if you thought it would just get brushed under the rug you are an idiot...that wasn't even a gaming site, and you think it is some Sony retard...what is wrong with you?

jeddyboy4040d ago

After receiving the 3 red lights of doom three days before Halo 3 came out...i sent my console to Microsoft who sent it back 15 days later in a worse state then when i sent it to them...I went by all the rules and done exactly as they asked and it came back broken. The plastic clip that holds the hard drive was broken and the cd tray was all bent out of the console...(see pics). I put in my Halo 3 Legendary Edition, which didn't work i sent back my damaged console AND my Halo 3 disc...they then sent me another console which didn't work with my Hard Drive, so i then had to get another Hard Drive...AND...i'm still waiting for my Halo 3 disc to turn up...I've rung them and rung them and complained and complained...but they just don't listen....I've written to Watchdog (a Consumer Affairs TV Programme over here in the UK) asking them to investigate what this company is up to....It's still ongoing and 2 months after relaese, still no Halo 3...they've got my money...that's all it's about...

ReBurn4040d ago

Doesn't the drive have a pinhole that you can push a straightened paper clip into in order to release it? Most tray-loaded drives do.

zapass4040d ago

these guys make me laugh so loud, geez, what's the brand of this lubricant they're using? the inquirer is entertaining again, plez, give us more xbox fanboy closet stories!

uxo224040d ago

He proved one of two things, either he's a complete moron that can't follow directions. Or he's a liar and never sent anything in.(I'm going with the ladder) MS clearly tells you everytime to remove any extras from your 360 for you are NOT guaranteed to get them back. Not to mention, why didn't he use the box that they sent him.

haha, I wonder if he included his controllers and all of his games also.

Dude you pwned yourself on this one.

ryuyasho4040d ago

Halo 3 suck-a-lot!!! Halo 1 is King!!!

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TheMART4040d ago

This sounds like a fake, made up story. Why? Lets break those points down:

"First, the console came packaged in a cardboard box. Gone was our original retail box and packaging, instantly removing a substantial amount of resell value."

Microsoft advices to pack the console in another box then the original packaging. If you put it in your original retail box you're retarded. You're double retarded if you think you're getting paid extensively more by having the original cardboard box. 2nd hand people buy a working 360, not the box.

"Secondly we noticed our beloved chrome DVD tray had disappeared in favour of an original off-white plastic plate. The swines!"

The 360 core is registerd as a core. And thus you get a core. You should have replaced the chrome DVD tray by the original white one before sending in. Who is so retarded to let a self plaeced tray on the console?

"Most importantly though, our heavy, expensive Xbox 360 power supply was nowhere to be seen."

The power supply is the first thing they test over the phone. Do you see a orange light if the 360 is off, do you see a green light when the 360 is on. If thats alright you don't have to send in your power supply.

I call bullsh!t on this article.

ruibing4040d ago

Sounds like you experienced the problem first hand, so I've got no room to say otherwise.

wil4hire4040d ago

I guess its a conspiracy by Sony Zealots..Or it could be that MS screwed up. Mart, did you try to blow on the CD? Maybe that would work.. like the old nintendo.

Sad that gamers in the year 2007 have to put up with Microsofts Failure.

Seriously though, next time you get the rrod, try blowing inside of the disc reader, or flip it upside down.. Sony had that issue with the PS1. Could be the same with the old 360 hardware.

mesh14040d ago

guys my ps3 rrod u see i can talk crap also ./point at wil4hire

InMyOpinion4040d ago

They told me specifically not to use the original box.

krik4040d ago

Mart you are an expert in sending 360s back to Microsoft. How many RRoDs dude? :)

Anyway the story also seems fake to me (the guy is totally biased towards Sony) but the truth is that MS f*ck*d up pretty bad with the quality of the 360. The RRoD is totally unacceptable. Who would buy a computer/tv/car/<insert anything here> with a 30% failure rate? No one. This is why I fail to see why MS is not sued by 360 customers. Also, just the fact that they even sell consoles with such a high failure rate amazes me. Good job MS, just like people learned to accept Windows's crashes and BSoD now they also accept poor hardware with high failure rate.

Dannagar4040d ago

This is obviously a fake story by a PS3 Fanboy. You are correct about the procedures. Customer support will tell you 3 or 4 times to take off your Hard Drive and even the face plate. Microsoft sends you a box with a piece of paper letting you know to take off the hard drive and to only send the system. You can't fit the retail box or the power brick in the box they send you. They aren't fixing systems, they are replacing them.

krik4040d ago

This is not correct, MS "fixes" the machines. I have a friend that got his fixed 3 times before getting a brand new one.

Kleptic4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

once again are oblivious to the point of the article...he wasn't nearly as upset with losing packaged material (something he addressed as soon as the rabid fanboys showed up on his wall after the article went up) as he was with not having the problem fixed...the put a new DVD drive in it...didn't touch the rrod issue...thats what upset him...its cool though, they didn't fix it because he sent it in the original packaging...what an idiot man, you nailed it on the head...

point is...the 360 is still breaking...GS had to send in two office units, 1 being a halo edition (which was supposed to be free of this crap) just 3 weeks ago...listen to the podcast, while Vinnie had to send his in for a 3rd time...thats 3 broken boxes in one location in just a few days...some of which have had this happen multiple times...

whatever helps you sleep at night idiot...Its very obvious how much it bothers you fanatical 360 owners that your "empire" of AAA games and high attatch rates could die by its own sword...this was not once a case of Sony fanboys coming in here and starting another flamewar about breaking 360s was an article about another guy getting the shaft from MS...and you guys were on it like flies on shat, problem being you brought more shat with you than what was here in the first place...

lawman11084040d ago

I can tell you that yes, they made you ship the unit HD no power brick nadda. Now I understand they send you a box (coffin) to ship it back to them and they fix within 2 weeks. Throwing in the remark about HALO3 omly makes me belive this is FAN TRASH.

Why is it Sony fan boys forget how much the 1st gen PS2 failed? nobody had the "bad disk error" and had to send the "fat"ps2 back? I know I sure did.

Brian3604040d ago

I totally agree with The Mart on this.
Utter BS

SmokeyMcBear4040d ago

oh man that is classic, by both marty boy and the biased segagamer. Looks like they have firsthand knowledge of dealing with customer service over a crapped out console.. couldnt have happened to better people

Dannagar4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )


If I were bias, than I wouldn't own a PSone, PSP, PS2 and a Playstation 3. I have more than 200 games for the Playstation Family. I just can't stand the majority of you Playstation Fanboys because you're idiots. I've doubt with broken Playstation products just as much as Xbox. In fact, I repair PSP's here at my shop. I discontinued repairing PS2's because I found myself 6 months behind and I became overwhelmed with the quantity of broken PS2's out there. Plus My health was at risk due to dusty systems.

tk4040d ago

The Microsoft Action Response Team at it again - not realizing how they contradict themselves...

Is it not TheMART that keeps on telling how the RRoD thing is not true, and how he (they) and their 30 friends play their launch consoles 24/7 without RRoD or disk scratching. Yet in a very short time he (they) post a very informative list of directions that should / should not be done in event of sending a XB360 to MS. Now this begs the question... if TheMART is so untouched by all the RRoD's that baffles him (them) so much, then how the heck does he know every little detail about the ins and outs of returning a console to MS for repairs?

Just thought I would ask.. care to respond Marty? Or are you busy packing another dead XB360 for repairs?

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Prismo_Fillusion4040d ago

I do have a close friend who send in a broken (RROD of course) 360 core system in for repairs, and got it back a few weeks later where it immediately RRODed upon powering on the system.

That said, this article sounds pretty biased/flamebait, if solely based on the phrase "mediocre Halo 3".

ruibing4040d ago

Or the words of a pissed off fan, it happens every now and then.

ravinash4040d ago

Which is why I'm not bothering going any further down these comments list. I don't need to read any more.

krik4040d ago

I have a friend that got 3 RRoDs in a row and the repaired 360 never lasted more than a couple of weeks. After a few phone complains during his 3rd RRoD MS replaced his 360 by a brand new one and gave him a FULL MONTH of XBL. He was so happy about the 1-month XBL (yes, 1 month not 1 year), what a retard ;)

Noodlecup4040d ago

Halo IS mediocre, it's a 10 year old PC game under the guise of a 2 year old (visually) shooter.

The Mart you sound like you've got burned a few times with the RRoD :( it must be painful not being able to play all of those great multiplatform games and all of those great exclusives like Mass Effect and erm... erm... eh...

thepill884040d ago

A friend of mine had trouble with his Xbox and sent it in, and he got a broken Xbox back. It was still in the same box and they returned it. He just bought a new one no big deal...