Get 50% off Rage 2 and Doom 5 - New Easter-Eggs in Rage

Rage features several easter eggs. Most of them - like the Doom or Quake room - were already discovered. But what about Rage 2 and Doom 5? Here's the answer.

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MasterD9192616d ago

I love the Doom one...So funny to see a 2d object attempting to be 3d by following you as you move.

BattleTorn2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I don't get the 50% off part?

and Where's the Rage2/Doom5 easter egg?

(I know the Doom/Quake/Wolfst.+grafiti rooms)

MasterD9192616d ago

There is a sign that says Rage 2 and Doom 5 50% off....

Although I don't get why Doom 5 would be on there...I'm guessing Doom 4 is coming out sooner than expected?

BattleTorn2616d ago

I think so. ID said they wouldn't talk about Doom4 before RAGE's release, but about a month ago they said it's coming out soon.

Next year? I'm not sure *googles*
ah ha!