Eurogamer review: Fury 3/10

Fury; noun (pl. -ries); wild or violent anger, a surge of violent anger or other feeling; violence or energy displayed in natural phenomena or in someone's actions.

Okay, we all knew that one. However, anyone without a decent Classics education might have missed this one...

Fury; noun (pl. -ries); In Greek Mythology, a spirit of punishment, often represented as one of three goddesses who executed the curses pronounced upon criminals, tortured the guilty with stings of conscience, and inflicted famines and pestilences.

After playing Fury for a week, the first definition did nothing for Eurogamer, really. Maybe on the second or third day, when Eurogamer numbly contemplated throwing the damned PC out the window, or snapping the keyboard over their knee, they would have felt some sympathy for that first definition. But after a week, it's definition number two all the day.

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