Dying Gets Easier With This Dark Souls Hardcore Trailer

Namco Bandai have released the 'Hardcore' trailer for Dark Souls today.

"I remember the first time I died. It was expected, even inevitable.
Death became my friend as the dying gets easier."

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LadyGaga2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Game of the generation.

mandf2617d ago

You are right but LittleBigPlanet is right there in this conversation. It's hard to choose either. LBP is endless game engine and Dark Souls is pure gameplay.

Tanir2617d ago

i adore LBP and dark souls, but dark souls wins for me, LBP is probably close 2nd for me since im an artist.


pipipi2617d ago

im confused....mmmm i thought that duke nukem forever it is "the" game, and that xmen destiny its the RPG.....mmmmmm weird lol, bipolar people XD

PhoenixDevil2617d ago

Yh I'm loving Dark Souls but man is it brutal, feels a lot harder than Demon Souls, currently lv19 n going through the catacombs, its like descending into the 7 circles of hell, lost a total of 16K souls down there permanently. Just insane

RankFTW2617d ago

You're a mad man going down into the catacombs at that level, a mad man!

PhoenixDevil2616d ago

Oh maybe thats why I'm struggling, maybe I should try and back up to firelink, tho its like the souls kept beckoning me further in, each time I lost my souls out there had to try n get them and just got deeper into the catacombs. Dangerous place

greyhaven332617d ago

Haven't been so consumed by a game in a long time, love it!

LiquidSnack2617d ago

Uhm...surely this is an old video if it says "Pre-Order Now. 7/10/2011"

grahf2617d ago

European Release = European Date Format

DD/MM/YYYY as opposed to MM/DD/YYYY

Though if the game was released last week then the video is definatly older than just today.

Guitardr852617d ago

I'm currently trying to pay off oswald to make the blacksmith stop hating me (he attacks constantly even after restarting). The thing that sucks he wants 52,000 souls to "pay my debts". Now THAT is brutal...

young juice2617d ago

its a little cheap but cmon man!! i was level 30 and had to pay 74,000 souls all because i accidently hit the blacksmith and that ugly undead female merchant... it works miracles.

dont use it to level up if you dont want to be overpowered

because the joy in this game is dieing

mandf2617d ago

I killed the pyro guy now I have to pay 650,000 souls.

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