Shameful adult movies promoted with PS3

Kotaku reports:

"It's not only in format wars that shameful movies matter, but also console sales. In the basement adults-only section of Akihabara retailer AsoBitCity, the in-store display promoted the 40GB model and pointed out that it can play naughty high-def flicks"

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ruibing4018d ago

I agree with you, what's the problem here? Only hypocrites will point this out as being shameful when they themselves watch the same exact flick. If it offends you in some way, just ignore it like a normal person instead trying to seem righteous.

Enigma_20994018d ago

... porno DVDs will play in anything that plays DVDs...

... wait... this is bad news?

Marty83704018d ago

Porn helped VHS win over Beta, same will happen with Blu-ray over HD DVD.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

theoneandonly4018d ago

I'm sorry but that was REALLY funny, even PS3 fans are laughing

That SONY would stoop so low in JAPAN of all places, to sell the PS3 by using ADULT MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This would just go to prove that consoles can sell even more by giving away free PORN, and 360 would copy it, WHAT DO YOU THINK DEAD OR ALIVE EXTREME SERIES IS?

I wonder what will happen when all the CLANDDAD X360 DATING SIMULATORS are released in Japan..................sales explosion...

squirrelly894018d ago

Shake your groove thing?? Maybe...not!

thepill884018d ago

You never watched porn....

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The story is too old to be commented.