Batman: Arkham City: BBFC Reveals Massive Spoiler

NowGamer: Spoiler-free report: BBFC description gives away key Batman: Arkham City plot point.

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TimmyShire2533d ago

Surely they should be told to take that down.

fastrez2533d ago

Not that big a spoiler. Thought it'd be someone more substantial, but I'm glad it's not.

LightofDarkness2533d ago

Now you've just slightly spoiled something inadvertently. Well done.

skyward2533d ago

Let's keep the comments spoiler-free people. Apart from the one about how Catwoman toys with Mouseman before eating him whole.

protekjv2533d ago

what's going to be point playing this game when everything is being revealed?

skyward2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

You don't have to click/read 'everything'?

b163o12533d ago

^^^^^ Give this man a Standing Ovation...

protekjv2533d ago

i never said that i click on the link. mostly everything is revealed by it giant head line. if i remember correctly n4g posted one that said Joker dies in batman arkham city or something like that, in the headline. without reading the rest of the article that spoiled alot.

Farsendor12533d ago

i don't hardly know anything about this game and i want it to stay that way ill buy the pc release next month and ill be very very happy with it