BioWare "About to Change the RPG World" - Wants Online Coder for Mass Effect

SPOnG: "BioWare let the proverbial Mass Effect 3 multiplayer cat out of the bag on Monday, thanks to an Australian PC magazine. Now the studio is on the hunt for an Online Programmer with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network experience to help it "change the RPG world - again.""

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Dovahkiin2619d ago

IMHO Mass Effect would be better off strictly offline, maybe co-op.

MariaHelFutura2619d ago

Drop in drop out would be great.
Aside from that I'm a huge ME fan I own and play ME1 and ME2 and this one has me kinda worried it looks like it plays A LOT faster. Which I'm not liking the look of. It looks like a space version of "The Club", I guess what I'm trying to say is it almost looks arcadey. Which is not how I want to play a RPG, especially ME.

PrimordialSoupBase2619d ago

They shouldn't even bother calling it an rpg anymore.

Blacktric2619d ago

Because it uses third person camera? Because it uses Gears Of War style cover system? Because you have less points to spend for your skills since Mass Effect 2? Or is it because there is now co-op? Mass Effect, and all other RPG's out there are about choices and character development. If you want to play old school RPG's, then go play those instead of coming here and claiming it's not a RPG when it actually is.

Captain Qwark 92619d ago

yes that is exactly why, you just described a pretty typical TPS. ME2's "character development was about as in depth, if not less than army of two for example. so by your logic army of two is now an rpg???? the only thing separating ME from being a third person shooter at this point is a story with some choices although they were much more limited in ME2 than ME1 so that may not even last much longer.....

Blacktric2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

"character development was about as in depth, if not less than army of two for example. so by your logic army of two is now an rpg"

You should try harder when you're going to manipulate what I said next time. Mass Effect 2 wasn't all about Shepard. It was about him and the crew he was trying to get together and if you're gonna include character development, you should include the crew members too. And yes, Mass Effect 2 is still a great RPG game, because the choices you make matters in a bigger scale since they effect Mass Effect 3 which is not the case with most of the other RPG games out there. It's true that Bioware made the game more action oriented with Mass Effect 2 but having TPS mechanics in the game does not mean it's a Gears Of War clone. This shows how prejudiced some people are on N4G. When someone says the game is not a RPG, you're jumping the bandwagon and writing supporting comments just to get agrees. So pathetic.

Saryk2619d ago

In a MMO you make your own game. Don't expect to be spoon fed and you can have a great time. MMOs IF well done can be a awesome experience. There are very few MMOs that I have not played and each one has it's own strengths and weaknesses. But the biggest things for a MMO is the community and the people your playing with. Currently I am playing Rift and enjoying every minute of it. And I would love to play a Mass Effect MMO.................


They didn't change the RPG world, they left it... and joined the TPS world.

NYC_Gamer2619d ago

100% agree,they have forgot about their long time fans...

Captain Qwark 92619d ago

sure did, even more so when they made that abomination DA2....

limewax2619d ago

I actually find it insulting to other devs that they dare to say they changed the RPG world in the first place.

Mass Effect was a good rpg, not even close to great. ME2 was a good game and again not great. There are a lot of devs out there that are still churning out high quality RPG's and Bioware feel they are the best around? The need to take a step back and look at the world around them.

Star Wars MMO will no doubt fall to its knees before either WoW, RIFT or Guild Wars 2. And with ME they just hit the folding point. They have to really deliver next gen if they want it to stand up against the competition.

However they cannot, they have completely lost their way and even ME3 is testament to this as once again its one massive fetch quest like ME2. Hoping to ride the success of a previous game which wasn't structured well at all in the first place is pretty evident to their lack of talent as a whole now. By far the worst dev of this gen to me as their response to customers has been downright shameful as well


@ limewax

I can imagine your comment must seem really harsh to all those bioware/ME fans... but I have to say I totally totally agree with you.

If you asked me this gen what game I was most looking forward too this gen, it was ME (I am talking about when it was announced and before the 360 was even released). If you asked me which game let me down the most this gen, it was ME. I loved the overall story and idea, but it didn't meet any of my expectations at all.

For a while I thought I was the only person who thought ME2 was over rated and crap, even stranger considering I tend to like 360 games more.

MrSpace2619d ago

As soon as they ditched their unqiue cool down weapon system for a typical ammo system which isn't logical for their futuristc setting, I knew the RPG elements would be gone.

Captain Qwark 92619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

"Bioware About to Change the RPG World".....( they go off to finish their TPS while calling it an RPG )

a true hybrid would be something like borderlands or fallout or ME1, the latest entry and from what i have read about ME3 prob not so much....

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