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Guardian Heroes, at it’s simplest is a 2D hack ‘n’ slash action game with RPG elements in the same vein as Streets Of Rage or Final Fight. According to the fountain of knowledge Wikipedia, the game was well-received and is considered to be one of the best Sega Saturn games. It remains one of the rarest Saturn games, with copies in mint condition selling for over $100. It brought elements to the 2D fighting game genre that had never been seen before. Five playable characters in story mode, along with numerous others to unlock in a multiplayer versus mode. Experience point spending in between levels to upgrade your character in one of six facets. A multitude of branching paths allowing for multiple playthroughs where the play could experience entirely different levels, bosses and ending each time. Three planes of play in every level, fore, middle and background, allowing for evasive actions by switching a plane. Guardian Heroes, when it released for the Saturn in 1996, was lightyears ahead of anything like it, but the question remains, does it still stand up today?

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