C.A.R.S Officially Announced; Coming exclusively to the PC in 2012

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has officially unveiled C.A.R.S., their first title to be produced using the innovative new WMD portal. To compliment the unveiling, SMS is also announcing their exciting latest addition to the C.A.R.S. development team; Ben Collins, the man who spent seven years as the “Stig”."

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Orpheus2618d ago

Wow PC exclusive ... the devs got guts, appreciate it :-)

SKUD2618d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. Lets hope they wont buckle to pressure. Start wasting resources.

buddymagoo2618d ago

I hope it will be on Steam?

Enmson2618d ago

at last a PC exclusive!!!

john22618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I'm sure that one of the reasons why this is PC exclusive, is because of this whole unique development procedure. Something like this could not be possible on consoles.

Denethor_II2618d ago

Is there anyway to test this?

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