Capcom comments on Resident Evil Outbreak possibly becoming a PS2 Classic on PSN

Capcom’s Christian Svensson comments on the possibility of the Resident Evil Outbreak games being re-released as PS2 Classics on the Playstation Network.

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Wizziokid2624d ago

from the article, it would only be single-player if they did do it.

no doubt this will happen

thereapersson2624d ago

All this just shows that Sony will never re-implement backwards compatibility, when they can just re-sell you what you already own.

MrBeatdown2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Yeah, because slowly releasing a handful of PS2 games on PSN is soooo much more profitable than universal backwards compatibility allowing for basically every PS2 game ever made to be sold to 50 million PS3 owners.

thereapersson2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Because the PS2 is still selling.

Infernostew2624d ago

There are many people who missed out on some great PS2 titles who now have the chance to play them for a cheap price. As for those of us who already own or used to own physical copies of the game, it's the consumer's choice to rebuy or not. I don't see why people complain about having more games to choose from. I see it as win/win for everyone. Much like the HD remastered PS2 titles, no one is forcing you to buy these games.

princejb1342624d ago

but remember guys thats if it sells, i bought a ps3 to play next gen not last gen

wwm0nkey2624d ago

Just re-release it as a XBLA/PSN game with p2p online rather than servers. That way we could also get it in 1080p rather than running on emulation software which is what the PS2 classics on PS3 are doing.

jeeves862624d ago

They just re-released two of their best-selling games, I doubt they'd be revamping this one too.

Pozzle2624d ago

OMG! I hope this game sells well on PSN. Maybe then Capcom will consider making a new Outbreak game for PS3/360. :O

sl4y42624d ago

Yes please! I never got a chance to play the OB games online before the serves were taken down, if they released it on the PSN with MP that would be awesome. Also Capcom? Outbreak 3 please?