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MWH2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

indeed. this now studio has some noticeable talent that can be yield in many good ways under a wealthy cover like Microsoft.

EVILDEAD3602560d ago

Cool..just bought Gunslinger last week. I finally have to find out what all the noise about Splosion and Ms. Splosion are all about.

Great to see a good indie get some major love.


AAACE52560d ago

Strange thing is, splosion man could be the family friendly franchise ms have been looking for. It could easily translate into a 3d game.

But whats more important is TP might be able to take over some of their other games and do something with them.

I just hope they dont get stuck making only kinect games.

StanLee2560d ago

About time. Congrats to Twisted Pixel. They've done some great work. I'll be rocking my Splosion Man t-shirt on my avatar this week to celebrate.

thereapersson2560d ago

MS really needs a repertoire of first-party developers; that's the true measure of long-term success for any gaming corporation.

Laxman2162560d ago

Well said man, Microsoft really need to get a strong set of first party developers (that are actually making games) going before the next Xbox comes out I think.

They own a lot of really good franchises that could use a reboot, but they still need some more devs themselves.

WitWolfy2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Saying that, I could never understand why MS never bought EPIC, surely with everybody using EPIC's engine left right and centre, MS would've seen massive profit alone from the UE3 engine alone, not to mention that they're a VERY talent developer too!

RockmanII72560d ago

@Wit That's why they can't buy Epic, they make so much money off their Unreal engine that to buy the company is some crazy high amount of money.

PshycoNinja2560d ago

Ya defiantly.

Microsoft has like what, 5 studios?

Turn 10
141 studios
Twisted Pixel

Ya I just hope they don't close them down like they have done with other studios in the past. Microsoft is in desperate need of some first party studios.

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user8586212560d ago

Maybe have twisted pixel work on the next Banjo game?

qwertyz2560d ago

smartest move MS has made in YEARS looks like their finally waking upo now they need to get more talented studios

lelo2play2560d ago

Finally ... a smart move by Microsoft

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m232560d ago

They are a great developer, I love all their games that I've played, especially Ms Splosion man.

Rynx2560d ago

Wait what does that article have to do with Zipper Interactive?


TreMillz2560d ago

Um where is Zipper in that article?.....your comment has been stamped with FAIL APPROVED!

n4gisatroll2560d ago

Zipper got bad because their original employees aren't their anymore. Haven't been since socom 3.

Captain Tuttle2560d ago

I wonder if TP will keep it's XBLA focus.

Number_132560d ago

I hope so, they make excellent downloable games, Gunstringer is great, but is a long ways off from warranting $60. . .fortunately that isn't how much they tried to sell it for.

Noticeably_FAT2560d ago

Gunstringer was only $40 and came with Fruit Ninja Kinect added in. It also came with free DLC. Well worth that price.

I can definitely see Twisted Pixel doing full release games though, they are very talented.

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