Square Enix's Luminous Studio Engine -- More Parking Garage Pics

Andriasang: Square Enix has released a few additional comparison shots of reality versus real time to demonstrate its new Luminous Studio engine. Once again, the shots are from a parking lot.

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Hazmat132624d ago

thats a damn good engine.

egidem2624d ago

Don't care about their Engine - They should be bringing us the games they promised but never release, after years of development. (They know what I'm talking about)

guitar_nerd_232624d ago

Very nice lighting, but real-time on what hardware and with what frame-rate performance?

Bit vague to say whether it's that impressive or not.

AzaziL2624d ago

Now if only Square Enix can make a good game with it....

CaptainMarvelQ82624d ago

I always had a picture of a car engine in mind everytime they say game engine....

Godmars2902624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Until they show it in action, being used in an actual game on my actual console, this means nothing to me.

In other words: Rage says hi.

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