360GamerCast Dark Souls Review

The bar was set incredibly high in the original game of the series Demons Souls, a game which is incredibly hard and frustrating and will test the mental aptitude of even the most hardcore gamer.

With lush graphics and a sense of loneliness that no other game can match Dark Souls is the spiritual successor brought to us by From Software.

Dark Souls is an experience that will not be to the taste of the majority of gamers out there. It is an incredibly tough and unforgiving game. Make no mistake you will die a lot and repeatedly go through the same areas and kill the same enemies again and again and yet it is a strangely satisfying experience.

This is one of the hardest games this generation. There is no waypoint telling you where to go, there is no minimap, it’s just you versus this gorgeous yet unforgiving world where even the easiest of enemies will cut you down if you are off your guard or over zealous.

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