A collection of Awesome (and Horrible) Video Game Halloween Costumes

SideQuesting - A compilation of several of the best and worst video game costumes for this Halloween season. The article examines which ones are worth purchasing and which are worthless, with everything from Kratos to Master Chief to the Angry Birds making appearances.

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Septic2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

If you wear any of those costumes, you're essentially cock-blocking yourself for life.

Pozzle2624d ago

IDK I think Halloween is the only time people can dress as ridiculous/dorky as they want and get away with it.

ECM0NEY2624d ago

I could so hook up with a chick in a Wario costume.

Captain Qwark 92624d ago

i got the scorpion one but its kinda cheap the ninja mask doesnt even cover your full head :/ with a few modifications though it will be awesome