Do retailer reward programs influence a purchase?

MMGN: As the appeal of online shopping grows, retailers are increasingly turning to promotions like loyalty rewards programs to tempt consumers to purchase games off the shelf. It’s hardly a new concept, but does it actually make a retailer more attractive?

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Kamikaze1352618d ago

Not for me. No matter how many coupons I get from Gamestop's reward program, I still save more money buying my games online.

andron2618d ago

Nah, price matters...

Dlacy13g2618d ago

It's not really a rewards program but Amazon and their $10/20 Off gets me buying from them especially with the release date delivery

Cosmit2617d ago

I buy all my games from Kmart! Mostly $20 coupons on big releases :D. Riding the coupon train!