Will Batman Challenge Uncharted 3 For Game Of The Year?

There are a lot of big names coming out this fall, but don't be surprised of Arkham City steals some of Uncharted 3's thunder.

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yesmynameissumo2621d ago

I personally don't think it matters. Both will be rocking the hell out of my PS3.

elshadi2620d ago

that's what i was going to say

DaThreats2620d ago

Uncharted 3 PS3 GOTY
Batman Arkham City or Skyrim Multi-platform GOTY
Gears 3 GOTY

BitbyDeath2620d ago

^^ Don't forget Skyrim... and maybe even inFamous 2

Silly gameAr2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

It might just do that. Can't wait to try both out. I know they'll both be top of the line this year. Lot's of competition though, so we'll see.

WhiteLightning2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Both looks fantastic but if I had to choose I would pick Uncharted 3 mainly because ever since day 1 of production ND have challenged and pushed themselfs by picking the hardest ideas to create in the game like sand particles for example. For me Uncharted 3 being GOTY isn't just about the game it's about the developers aswell.

But we'll soon find out when there both out and we've played them

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