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Cross Game chat #57 - PSN Sucks!

PSLS: This week, we talk about why the PSN totally sucks!…ok, not really, but we will be talking about aspects of the PSN that bother us. Among the long list of things we don’t like are the loading times, organization of the store, the inability to listen to music and surf the store at the same time, and the lack of key features. PSN isn’t the only thing getting hate this week – the guys are divided over whether Sony’s latest commercial is their best yet, or one of the worst ideas Sony has had. (EA, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Shadows of the Damned, Sony, Team Bondi, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Yakuza 4)

doctorstrange  +   1299d ago
As much as I love the PSN, it is far from perfect
blumatt  +   1299d ago
It's far from perfect, yes, but it's free. lol The PSN you see today is not the PSN you'll see on the PlayStation 4. The PS4 will have a much nicer integrated OS, I'm sure. The PS3 is basically a beta test for the PS4.

I honestly think that PSN will still be free like it is today. But, it will still have some form of PS+ too. There will many more features too. Playing online I believe will always be free on PlayStation.
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Micro_Sony  +   1299d ago
Yeah but the question remains, will PSN be free on the PS4?

TBH I would gladly pay Sony money if it means a better PSN like how you said.
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ftwrthtx  +   1299d ago
The PSN does suck.....the money right outta my wallet
T3mpr1x  +   1299d ago
I've got the same problem! :O
sikbeta  +   1299d ago
Tell me about it, next week $12 out of my wallet to pay the GT5 complete DLC, next to buy the Dead Nation DLC, next...
shikamaroooo  +   1299d ago
Bubs for funny post
longcat  +   1299d ago
gamesharing on psn makes it more attractive for me than any other similar service
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sashimi  +   1299d ago
I just put $50 on my PSN account mid last month..its almost gone already lol. /wallet cries

Like I don't buy enough retail games already now I gotta add PSN games to the list.

PSN be taking my money!
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LOGICWINS  +   1299d ago
"the inability to listen to music and surf the store at the same time"

Happy I'm not the only one. As far as multitasking is concerned, PSN sucks...but that has more to do with the PS3's hardware itself. Limited RAM I believe. As far as online play, what you get for free is awesome.

Btw, this is kind of offtopic, but why do people on N4G make it seem like PSN has a more "mature" community?

Within only two matches of UC3 yesterday, I was called "Denzel" and "Danny Glover".

This same person told someone to "suck a n*gger d*ck" after he was killed with a rocket launcher.

Did it ever occur to people that they only NOTICE more immaturity on XBL because more people have mics on XBL?
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ftwrthtx  +   1299d ago
There is immaturity everywhere regardless if it's even on a console. Our schools are full of it and how many parents let their kids go online and continue to spew the same garbage?.
Silly gameAr  +   1299d ago
Yet, people want headsets packed in with the PS3. Go figure.

It would be cool to surf the store, and do other stuff, other than browse the web with your music playing though. More games need custom soundtracks also.
longcat  +   1299d ago
"Btw, this is kind of offtopic, but why do people on N4G make it seem like PSN has a more "mature" community? "

Price drops have put it in the range for teenagers.

When the console was $500+, PSN was mostly adults and a lot more civilized.
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trouble_bubble  +   1299d ago
"the inability to listen to music and surf the store at the same time"

As opposed to the inability on XBox to even rip my freakin videos and music from my USB flashdrive onto the hardrive in the first place, lol? Please, 250GB and I have to leave my flashdrive in. If PSN sucks at multitasking, wtf is that? I haven't bought a CD in years, why can I only rip from a CD on the Live dashboard?

I spend more time on the browser than in the PS Store and you can listen to music while on the browser, so I'm happy there. Really they're just splitting hairs. Personally I'd rather have the freedom of a browser than only a select buncha videos from MSN, MTV, IGN or Major Nelson answering newb questions from fans like how to get to account management.

"Did it ever occur to people that they only NOTICE more immaturity on XBL because more people have mics on XBL?"

When your two most popular exclusives only do like 4vs4 and 5vs5 it might seem like more people have mics simply because 4 people is half the players, *cough*. On modes like Domination on COD Black Ops there is literally no difference.

"Within only two matches of UC3 yesterday, I was called "Denzel" and "Danny Glover"

2 good actors. The horror. Least they didn't call you Cuba Gooding.
Hicken  +   1299d ago
Pay him no mind. He's just trolling.

Honestly, I've still run into less "immaturity" on PS3 than 360, and I've been online on the 360 about 6 times since it came out. On he contrary, I've been online since I got my PS3 in 2008.

It's been addressed before, but people on PS3 have mics. It's more a matter of not saying anything if there's nothing to say. If the only people talking aren't speaking my language, have their music/TV up too loud, or are speaking on something that has nothing to do with the game, my mic stays off. If, however, I run into people who are actively trying to be strategic, friendly, or otherwise civil, then I'll turn my mic on and do likewise.

And yeah, not having my music play while I'm in the Store means so little to me. It's not like I'm there long enough for it to matter. I buy and download what I need, then I'm back to doing whatever it was I was doing beforehand.
JaredH  +   1299d ago
I find mic echoing or white noise to be a bigger problem on ps3 since the mic variety is way larger(more people have cheap Bluetooth headsets) but it's a good thing there's a mute function in most games. I find immaturity on both depending on the game I'm playing(Call of Duty has a lot while Resistance 3 doesn't have much at all).
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smashcrashbash  +   1299d ago
Oh no. What a tragedy. Whatever shall I do? *Goes back to playing on PSN*.
jacobie74  +   1299d ago
i cant lie i never use my head set for my 360 yea its true xbl has a lot of stupid people on it maybe the whole mic thing is bad but its good for team strategy and talking to friends and fam
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