SBG Review | Dead Island: This destination is surprisingly full of life

Dead Island is like Left 4 Dead meets Borderlands on vacation together at beautiful, sunny, tropical Banoi. It isn’t quite as awesome as that sounds, due to some hiccups regarding the co-op, but it’s a solid take on the survival horror genre that stands up well against the new classics.

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Laxman2162621d ago

Good game despite some bugs and hiccups. Never get tired of killing zombies.

bumnut2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I love chopping limbs off with the cleavers

Laxman2162621d ago

Haha, oh yeah! Wish the guns packed a better punch against the zombies like they do living humans, but the limb chopping never gets old! The Chainsaw is pretty sick too, for as long as it lasts.