The Cursed Crusade Demo Hits PSN And Xbox Live

ATLUS has announced the release of a demo for The Cursed Crusade, the upcoming action adventure epic set during the Fourth Crusade for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC download via Steam. The demo, which takes players through the "Assault on the Castle of Biron" mission, a fortress siege set on a fiery summer's eve, is available now via Xbox LIVE (initially only to Gold members) and PlayStation Network; no PC demo is planned at this time.

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LackTrue4K2619d ago

lol.....i played this demo an hour ago, it was funny (low budget funny) and at the end of the demo was the funnies part! its not a download title?! lol......i still enjoyed it thou.

vash00272619d ago

i think its going to be a sleeper kind of like shadow of the damned

HebrewHammer2619d ago

I'm not sure about that. Before the demo, I would have agreed with you, but I think this time Atlus is going to come up short.

emmerin2619d ago

luckily atlus didn't actually make it, they're just publishing.

Liamario2619d ago

Demo is embarrassing to say the least.
Sleeper hit?! Not a hope in hell. They should put te game to sleep

Spenok2619d ago

While I never had any sort of good expectations from this game. It still sucks to know it isn't worth playing. :/

Quagmire2618d ago

Assassin's were better than Templars anyways...

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