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Uncharted 3 Goes Gold, Includes Starhawk Beta

Today we have finally reached the point of breaking through that finish line tape in another marathon of game development. We’re proud to announce that the third installment in the UNCHARTED franchise has gone gold, and is on its way to being manufactured for its November 1st release. We can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to the next chapter of Nathan Drake’s adventures as it hits store shelves and homes everywhere in just three short weeks! (PS3, Starhawk)

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-Alpha  +   1005d ago
That's great! I'm really interested in Starhawk, the RTS elements look dope
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blumatt  +   1005d ago
Agreed Starhawk looks great. Yet another awesome PS3 exclusive coming out in the near future. And Uncharted 3 is a day one!
badz149  +   1005d ago
worldwide or NA only?
that is a big question. I'm getting Uncharted 2 nonetheless but will Asian version have the beta key?

I'm positive that the beta will be offered for PS+ members later but I am still not a PS+ user because there's 1 word to describe PS+ Malaysia...CRAP!
badz149  +   1005d ago
I mean 3
Uncharted 3. but why am I getting disagrees? have you guys even been to Malaysia's PSN?
norman29  +   1004d ago

"And as an added bonus, !!!!!!ALL!!!!! retail copies of Uncharted 3 will include a voucher code for early access to the upcoming Starhawk Public Beta, which will be coming in early 2012."

It says all so one can only guess its worldwide *punches the air then makes sure noone was looking o.O *
badz149  +   1004d ago
I don't know, norman
just like they said inFAMOUS came with Uncharted 2 beta codes but I bought the Asian version of inFAMOUS and it was not there! so...even though it says all, it's questionable!
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1005d ago
my ps3 is going to burst in flames battlefield is the gasoline and uncharted will be the flame :D
BitbyDeath  +   1005d ago
And Starhawk will be the BOMB!
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joydestroy  +   1005d ago
this is the best news i've heard all day! Starhawk FTW!
Zydake  +   1005d ago
I wasn't gonna get the game but now I gotta for StarHawk
MsclMexican  +   1005d ago
You were not going to get the game before?

THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???????????????????
Octo1  +   1005d ago
So what you saying is your willing to pay $60 for a beta key? O.O
dantesparda  +   1005d ago
That's funny cuz i wasnt gonna get the Starhawk game, but now im gonna just for the Uncharted 3 demo. (just kidding)
BitbyDeath  +   1005d ago
@Octo1, keyword being "StarHawk" beta key, not just any. Well worth it IMO
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JaredH  +   1005d ago
You really are from a tangent universe.
Zydake  +   1005d ago
idk Uncharted 1 and 2 I was excited for and this game looks the same as 2 was hoping for an epic change since ND doesn't disappoint. But I'm a long time Warhawk fan. Uncharted 3's good but its better if for for sure I'm getting a starhwak code.
GoldenPheasant  +   1005d ago
Indeed, reminds me of playing Battlezone for PC in the late 90s.

I'm really excited for this.
sikbeta  +   1005d ago
AWESOME! It was a Day One Purchase, added Starhawk make it DAY ZERO! :P *want the game NOW!*
princejb134  +   1005d ago
nice can't wait for starhawk
i miss my warhawk days that game was awesome
BrutallyBlunt  +   1005d ago
Warhawk was great and Starhawk looks even better. Good bonus inside a great game.
Muerte2494  +   1005d ago
As if we need any other incentive to purchase Uncharted 3 after seeing the desert gameplay. Game is absolutely phenomenal. I'm seriously enjoying the multiplayer, which has alot more complexity than the previous version. Thank you, Incognito, for bringing the sequel wonderful Warhawk
remanutd55  +   1005d ago
say what ? wow i pre ordered the collectors edition without knowing that i would be getting early access to the only game " Starhawk" that could possibly beat my best online experience on the system so far " Warhawk " , yeap i have high , really high expectations when it comes to online gaming by warhawk developers , cant freaking wait
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killerhog  +   1005d ago
Man you sounded like a little kid lol. But warhawk was great I want to test out starhawk as well
remanutd55  +   1005d ago
why is that? because i said warhawk is till this very day my best online experience ? i dont see any childish approach in my comment but hey to each their own , im showing my excitement for Starhawk.
killerhog  +   1005d ago
It was nothing offensive, just you sounded over-excited like a kid during Christmas day lol
remanutd55  +   1005d ago
didnt take it like offensive either , why would i get offended? lol
a_bro  +   1005d ago
well, damn!
neonlight45  +   1005d ago
That's awesome, can't wait for Nov 1
jack_burt0n  +   1005d ago
Nice starhawk is no1 most wanted for 2012.
GoldenPheasant  +   1005d ago
I was looking forward to Dust as well, but seeing its using plane jane directx box Unreal Engine magic, Starhawk it is!
jokia005  +   1005d ago
My PS3 cant sleep.
elshadi  +   1005d ago
is it normal
feeling scared and excited at the same time
with a need to have sex with my Girl friend right now
after reading this news ???
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Gamer3000  +   1005d ago
lol XD
maxcon  +   1005d ago
Yes. Yes it is.
WhiteLightning  +   1005d ago
"We’ll have four behind-the-scenes videos detailing the development and production of UNCHARTED 3 for free and available on the retail UNCHARTED 3 disc! "

OMG....see guys that's how it should be

That's why I hate people moaning on for a Making of DVD in a Collector Edition....what's the point when you should be able to view them in the game for free. It's like people enjoy paying for free things. Imagine if we got a Making of DVD instead of Drakes ring.
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Gamer3000  +   1005d ago
yeah i agree
it was soo awesome to watch
behind-the-scenes videos
in god of war 3 too
Ares90  +   1005d ago
it was in Uncharted Drake's Fortune too
SonyStyled  +   1005d ago
MimeTime   1005d ago | Spam
telekeneticmantis  +   1005d ago
It couldn't be more perfect for me
I hope that Beta comes soon.
Relientk77  +   1005d ago
I really want Uncharted 3, I pre-ordered it, but ur telling me now I get the Starhawk beta too. Now thats frickin awesome!
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BitbyDeath  +   1005d ago
Can someone ask on the blog if this also applies to EU regions?

I'll bubble anyone who does.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1005d ago
smashcrashbash  +   1005d ago
Uncharted 3 AND the Starhawk beta?!!!!! *rubs face on screen* Sigh. Swwwwwweeeeeet gaming bliss.
younglj01  +   1005d ago
Wow think of other games in tha future that could have this.Think about buying Dust514 and also getting an MAG 2 beta key dream combo for me.

But as of right now UC3 is looking too be tha hands up favorite for Game of tha Year.
trouble_bubble  +   1005d ago
Awesome, but PS Plus usually gets it before these kinda vouchers go live anyways. Either way, I'm covered hehe!
wenaldy  +   1005d ago
Its like Im having orgasm twice in a row..
NeloAnjelo  +   1005d ago
OMG. And we all wondered what can make UC3 better? Is there anything else they can show us or tell us that would make this game evem more than it alreay is... Well they just did. Starhawk Beta!!! Over 1000 hrs logged on the first game. Cannot wait for this one.

The beta will have to wait until I finish UC3 Single player though.
Jobesy  +   1004d ago
It's not instant access to the beta. It's just a voucher for when the beta comes out. The beta will probably be sometime next year.
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1005d ago
hey guys my friend is playing it
it has been leaked !!!!!! in my country !
NeloAnjelo  +   1005d ago
You sure its not the Subway give away for the online?
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1005d ago
at the first time i thought he was playing single player in subway
but i remembered the subway beta ^^ lol
noprin  +   1005d ago
at long last
Spenok  +   1004d ago
GOTY 2011 here i come. Only 3 short weeks away. And with a completely awesome bonus. Starhawk also looks pretty sweet.
thespaz  +   1004d ago
Why does every game have to come with a beta now?

See? Then you people wonder why people think Betas are Demos.

They buy the game with the thought "If I buy this game, I get to play this other game earlier than everyone else... SWEEEEEET!"

They think of it as a bonus reward for buying the other game.

I seriously doubt people are saying "Oh, I get a beta code with this? They want me to check for bugs in the game and report back to Sony? It's probably going to be buggy and look and run like crap, but hey, that's what betas are for right?"
Hazmat13  +   1004d ago
i like the Mo Cap videos they had for the first uncharted the only thing that sucked is you had to unlock them. lol also the cheat super slow mo WAS EPIC!!!
gustave154  +   1004d ago
wow spent like hundreds of hours in warhawk back in the day..
nice to see there is a beta =)
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   1004d ago
This better be an automatic beta. Not some beta that starts out a month before whatever the release date is.
nix  +   1004d ago
woot!!! ((:
SixShotCop  +   1004d ago
Another great release!! What a 4th quarter for gaming. Unfortunately, I see quite a few awesome games underperforming in the sales department. I could easily buy 10 games but what's the point if you can't play them all. BF3, MW3, UC3, Skyrim & Forza to name a few. How do you compete against that?
NotSoSilentBob  +   1004d ago
Get Rid of the online pass and I might consider getting it again.
BitbyDeath  +   1004d ago
Why does that make a difference?

I haven't played any games before with an online pass doesn't it only effect 2nd hand copies?
NotSoSilentBob  +   1004d ago
It shows that companies can get away with charging extra for whats on the disc. It shows that they do not value consumers. I would buy the disc but I am not going to support that kind of business model. They are devaluing my hard earned money by making my friends/2cd hand buyers pay extra.
BitbyDeath  +   1004d ago
I understand where you're coming from that is exactly why i don't have an Xbox.
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