Why The Darkness 2 Could Be the Next Great Action-Horror Game

Justin Haywald of GamePro writes: I honestly wasn’t looking forward to my hands-on demonstration of The Darkness II last week. While I found the original game to be a solid shooter with some interesting ideas, it didn’t make much of a lasting impression. But when I fired up The Darkness II, my disinterest quickly disintegrated.

It's no secret that I'm a massive horror nerd. From horror-themed comic books to survival-horror games, I can never get enough of the genre. And there are a few key things about The Darkness II that appeal to me as a fan of horror, too.

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aPerson2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

The link takes you to the 'gamepro' home page, not the article. That probably needs to be fixed!

MWH2624d ago

with all due respect but i don't need to read this to know why, it WILL be an awesome game i'm sure.

nycredude2624d ago

It will mostly likely be awesome cause the first IMO was awesome. So underrated.