Did You Know: Molten Ruins is a Remake of Flooded Ruins?

Velocity Gamer: As many of you gamers out there are playing the new maps in the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer demo today, you've probably noticed something from the past.

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Op242568d ago

I noticed some of the similarities, but the helicopter switch gives it away pretty easily in this video.

jdfoster2568d ago

Yes. But this won't be included in the shipped version of Uncharted 3. These maps (some) are exclusive to the beta. And some (highrise and maybe this) Will be put up as DLC for people to download...for free!

PersianGloryHD2568d ago

Who told you that? / source please :)

clank5432568d ago

I never really played much of Uncharted 2 multiplayer, so I didn't know. However, I'm really enjoying this beta and I'm looking forward to the multiplayer being a great counterpart to the inevitably stellar single player.

SageHonor2568d ago

Most people think molten ruins is an area in the singleplayer in uc3

cervantes992568d ago

I prefer the look of the flooded ruins myself. I hope they release U2 maps for U3. I would love to see the Ice Cave released - I loved that map!

MidnytRain2568d ago

I thought that map was terrible; easily my least favorite. If you combine that with the new abilities in UC3 and it'd be a Train Wreck.

Bounkass2568d ago

SO may games are remakes these days.

KwietStorm2568d ago

And that relates to this how?

DarkTower8052568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I played the map 4 times, and I didn't make the connection lol. Love that map though. Actually I love all the maps so far.

MidnytRain2568d ago

That's kind of surprising. I'm not in the beta, but the maps are almost entirely identical.

Solidus187-SCMilk2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

really? I noticed it right away. It is the same exact map just with a lava theme instead of water theme. I even said it in a comment on here the day it came out.

Im glad its back tho because I really like it. I would love the village back, even a modified village lever would be awesome, maybe even better.

HeavenlySnipes2568d ago


PS fun fact, this video is from a forum member on the NaughtyDog forums comparing the two maps (because it was quite obvious that it was a remake of flooded ruins made with the UC3 engine)

Hockeydud192568d ago

Yea PersianGlory is part of VelocityGamer. He posted it on the forums and our site.

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