Video Game Consoles as Media Centers Has Been a Success

The roles of our video game consoles have become more complicated with the addition of things like Facebook and Netflix apps -- but it's only made the experiences they offer even better.

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BitbyDeath2625d ago

I agree, my 2nd PS3 is mainly used as a media centre for when i workout in my gym room and the other is used daily to watch Shows, Movies and Music etc.

Also VidZone is awesome for parties.

xJumpManx2624d ago

Blue Ray and and media center is the only reason I turn on my ps3 anymore.

LouisGarcia2624d ago

I watch way more Blu-rays on my PS3 than anything else combined.

Pandamobile2624d ago

Pretty much. My PS3 sees like 30x more Netflix and movie action than games.