Fangwheel: Rage Review (Xbox 360)

Chris from Fangwheel writes:
"When John Carmack’s name is attached to a title, as a gamer and journalist, I have a tendency to listen. The man has only established one of the most important video game companies in the world and has worked on games that shaped the industry we have now. Had it not been for 1992’s Wolfenstien 3D and 1993′s Doom, the First Person Shooter might have been shaped very differently and who knows, maybe even later. When Rage was officially announced in 2007, I could not wait to get my hands on the title. It seems that every piece of news covering the game would only make me anticipate the title more and more. id Software’s newest engine, id Tech 5 would be powering the game and you could tell from the trailers that the game looked simply beautiful; truly a milestone over id Tech 4 (the Doom 3 engine) which powers Brink and the upcoming Prey 2. The question is, does Rage stand on its own merit, or does it stand simply because of the famous names behind it?"

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