CheatCC: Far Cry 3 Preview

The Far Cry series was originally the poster child for the CryEngine, a technical showcase by developer Crytek of what its proprietary workhorse could manage in open, vibrant environments. It was set upon a lush island populated by salty, violent terrorists and pirates, giving you the capacity to handle these miscreants as you saw fit. Whether by charging in guns blazing or sneaking through in the shadows of jungle forests, Far Cry was a game about options.

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blackhammer2618d ago

The cover system, on the other hand, isn't flashy, but it's certainly useful."

I actually like that it is first-person, since third-person is boring in my opinion.

I look forward to the game, but I shall not dare buy it for it's publisher will likely throw on the stupidest goddamn DRM.

wenaldy2618d ago

My biggest complaint about previous Far Cry game is broken spawn of enemies on every checkpoint.

GilesCorey2618d ago

This and the fact that I couldn't even beat it. Stupid game-breaking glitch that they decided not to fix. Anything past 60% completion wouldn't save :/

eraursls842618d ago

I've heard a lot of people had this problem but I got lucky and didn't have this problem on either of my play throughs

Szarky2618d ago

Completely agree, will not be buying game unless the reviews are very good. Bought Far Cry 2 on day 1 last time and wanted to throw my controller out the window from the annoying re-spawning AI.

BuffMordecai2618d ago

First one was great, second was crap; hope they pull it together for this title.