[GAMINGtruth] Crysis Xbox 360 Review

Crysis is an awesome fast-paced shooter that blends science fiction with explosive FPS elements, providing an unforgettable gameplay experience. From the get go players are treated with the powerful Nanosuit technology that is the core to the enjoyability of this game: finally you feel like a total badass, a one-man army.

Crysis reminds gamers just how fun shooters can be when you have the right gear, and the futuristic armor turns you into a viable superman...however players still have to use their power wisely, especially on the harder difficulties.

The game can be quite punishing to players who aren't careful and efficient with the use of maximum armor or stealth. Throughout the game players are kept on edge as there's always enemies creeping around a corner, or appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

Crysis is highly recommended for all shooter fans out there, especially gamers who liked Modern Warfare and Halo.

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Great review, Derek!

Tyre2594d ago

PC Snobs at it again, deliberately disagree on my comment, thnx haters. Go J urself on ur Quantum Physics Rig and let people enjoy this well done port on the consoles.