EMEAA Weekly Chart Week Ending 08th Oct 2011

1 PS3 FIFA 12 528,514
2 X360 FIFA 12 325,833
3 PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 137,506
4 X360 Rage 98,055
5 PS3 Rage 86,711
6 PS3 Dark Souls 82,311
7 X360 Gears of War 3 78,403
8 X360 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 42,930
9 PS3 F1 2011 36,174
10 X360 Dark Souls 35,666

PS3 91,646 (-5%) 25,417,535
3DS 86,270 (+5%) 1,693,905
X360 71,488 (-5%) 21,614,027
Wii 42,249 (-2%) 34,510,866
DS 41,065 (+12%) 59,619,189
PSP 30,317 (-0%) 29,298,328
PS2 14,185 (-2%) 64,801,322

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Crazyglues2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Wow... RAGE sold that low, really? the games a Masterpiece.. Come On' -you gotta be kidding me.. wow

I mean it looks really good and it plays at 60fps -that alone should have got more gamers interested in the title, I'm shocked by those numbers.. it's a really good game..

should have at least did 250k on PS3 for it's debut.. it didn't even do those numbers when you combine Xbox 360 and PS3 sales... wow - Tough crowd.

I mean numbers only tend to go down after you come out, so I don't know how this can be good for Rage.. -I guess Rage 2 is out of the question..

Wow I'm surprised -Maybe someone can tell me (below in a comment) why did you decided to pass on the title because I'm lost on why more people didn't get this one..???

No seriously all jokes aside I would love to hear why people passed on this one?


The Meerkat2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

It's being launched between Gears 3 and MW3.

I think it did quite well considering.

I didn't buy it because i'm not a fan of post apocalyptic settings.
I'm also waiting on Batman!

buddymagoo2622d ago

I'm one of those 528,514 that bought Fifa 12. I just haven't got the time for Rage at the moment but plan to pick it up at some point.

Crazyglues2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

@The Meerkat

bubble for you my friend because I didn't even think about the Gears 3 factor, that is huge...

and I can see MW3 causing people to wait, most people do only tend to buy one or two games every few months, so I guess yeah considering that, they did ok..

Thanks for the feedback, indeed very good point.


bubble for you too - yeah I guess a lot of people already have a lot on their plate so no time for Rage yet..

that's a good point too..

silvacrest2622d ago

you guys are underestimating how popular fifa and football (aka soccer for the americans) is to the rest of the world, especially europe

and MW3 and gears have little to do with it in my opinion

MW3 isn't out for another month and gears has been out for a little while now

Clayman2622d ago

I passed on Rage because I already bought Deus Ex and with BF3 and Skyrim coming out in the coming months I just can't afford it. And honestly if the reviews would have been higher, like over 90 , I would have bought it day one.

I will still buy it when it's cheaper though.

Crazyglues2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

@ Clayman

Bubble for you too, I guess it did come out at a time when competition is heavy -but man those numbers seems so low..

-but yeah good point, I guess it's hard to still get sales with so many good games all coming out around the same time..

- I think it would have scored higher on reviews if they did a little more story telling to help get you into what's going on here...

-but yeah very good point.. it probably did need that higher review score

TBM2622d ago

Rage ill pick up sometime in december. once again footie rules in europe so i expect those numbers to stay quite high over there. gears has done pretty well i just finished the story mode and i'd give it a solid 8.75

dark souls has some pretty good numbers i hope people support the game.

Crazyglues2622d ago


yes, bubble for you too my friend, it's seems some people will be getting it later.. which I can understand with so many games out and coming out..

I hope the sales stay high, the game deserves to sell well...

TBM2622d ago

what i'm not understanding about Rage is why some are dropping bad scores on it. it looks like the game is really fun.

Picture_Dancer2622d ago

Who the hell is buying 3DS? No games (especially new, fresh titles, not remakes etc), graphics is like from PSX up to PSP standard. It's more like another version of DS, and not a new gen of handhels.

MasterCornholio2622d ago

Probably people who previously owned a DS. Nintendo's fans are very loyal to them. Expect it to sell a lot more in December.


AdvanceWarsSgt2622d ago

People who want a 3DS?

I know, strange concept

eagle212621d ago

nothing on a psp looks like Resident Evil Revelations. Hell, nothing looks like Ocarina 3D. Take the blinders off.

Picture_Dancer2621d ago

Resident Evil Revelations and Street Fighter are the only one good looking games on 3DS, rest looks avarage or like crap.

There were many many PSX games that looked waaay batter then those games from 3DS.

AdvanceWarsSgt2621d ago

LOL if you think ANY game on the PSX looks better than Super Mario 3D Land.

Let me guess, you also believe the PS2 was the strongest system last gen too, huh? LOL Sony fanboys

MasterCornholio2622d ago

good to see dark souls on the list.


Chrono2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

FIFA 12 was a massive hit in the Middle East after they added Arabic commentary for the first time.