GameInformer - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

GameInformer: "Assault Horizon feels a little different from previous entries in the Ace Combat series. It’s not wildly different. It hasn’t suddenly changed genres and turned into a turn-based RPG, but it is different enough where there is a slight possibility that long time fans may be turned off. Possible new fans though, are welcome with wide open arms."

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Hufandpuf2619d ago

I love ace combat, but after playing the demo I found it too repetitive and it took away everything that made the series great. It's a good game, but I agree, unless your a die hard fan you won't be satisfied.

Mozilla892619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Hmmm can't say I agree with you here. How is it more repetitive than before? It still consists of shooting down planes and bombing stuff.

In fact there's more aspects to combat like DFM, counter maneuvers etc.

Hufandpuf2619d ago

Control over the plane is almost completely taken away. And when you go into DFM, you lose too much control. Gone are the days where YOU evaded enemies and knew exactly how each plane maneuvered. He'll, I can't even fly between buildings for fun anymore.

Mozilla892619d ago

Well that did kind of startle me at first but it's not like you're totally out of control. I've actually crashed while in DFM once, maybe I'm just that bad haha.

I guess if you don't like the combat system then that's that. I personally am having a good time, waving my controller all over the place in a vain attempt to turn those few extra degrees to avoid missles lol.

Kaneda2619d ago

I thought the demo was kind of boring..

earbus2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Yes i recomend ace 6 and over g fighters those two games are way better than hawks the graphics have been downgraded for some reason in the new game, the ground in ace 6 was nice its a backwards step ,over g and ace 6 are on 360 not sure about ps3.

Hicken2619d ago

HAWKS is completely different from Ace Combat. Can't speak on Over G since I've never played it (and I don't think it's on PS3), but Ace Combat has never given me the same feel that HAWKS has.

Pintheshadows2619d ago

I thought the demo was dull to be honest.