Pinball FX 2 DLC Review – Sorcerer’s Lair (Empty Lifebar)

"Pinball FX 2 is known for its fantastic tables and originality and ZEN Studios does not disappoint with their latest addition to its library. Sorcerer’s Lair takes place, as you would expect, in a magical citadel. Your mission, as the brother and sister duo trapped in the fortress, is to defeat the magical Sorcerer and his army of minions and escape his lair. Along the way you are befriended by a ghost, Whisper, who is also stuck in the citadel. Many mysteries and challenges await you as you try to make your way out."

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2kDude2619d ago

The Table has a little background to it? cool!

optimus2619d ago

this will probably be my next table...pinball fx 2 seems to be the only game that i constantly go back to and STILL have fun.

AerotheAcrobat2619d ago

This is the epitome of pinball